In the 2nd room of Taikoo Shing, the king fell below 10 million yuan

The pessimistic sentiment of the second-hand property market has spread, and many large housing estates have fallen below the psychological barrier

The cost of the 2nd floor of Taikoo City fell below 10 million yuan and returned to the level of 2016. The owner of the Yuanlanger has eroded more than 8 million yuan to leave the market, reflecting the pessimistic outlook of the property market.

Zhang Guangyao, senior regional business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, revealed that Taikoo City had just recorded the first transaction in October. The lower floor of the Qi Palace Court, Room D, with a usable area of ​​580 square feet, is the second house of the estate, and even the tenancy is on sale. In the week, the initial price was 10.8 million yuan, which was at the market price level. It was paid by the user. The two parties reached a price of 9.838 million yuan, which was about 14% lower than the bank’s online valuation of 11.45 million yuan yesterday. The price returned to 2016. At the monthly level, a low-rise unit of Haixing Pavilion changed hands by 9.84 million yuan.

Tsing Yi Xiaofeng Park, price 11310

The original owner purchased in 6.5 million in May 2012, and the book held for 7 years earned 3.338 million yuan. The unit currently charges a monthly rent of 22,500 yuan, and the lease period is until next March.

Secondly, the high-rise F room of the 6th floor of Xiaofeng Park in Tsing Yi has a practical area of ​​1,061 square feet. It belongs to the large unit of 3 bedrooms and other workers’ houses. The owner once offered a price of 15 million yuan, and finally reduced the price by 3 million, and changed hands to 12 million yuan. The price is 11,310 yuan. Another low-rise room D in the same room, the transaction price of 12.15 million yuan changed hands in June 2015, reflecting the owner’s price returning to the price level of goods four years ago.

In addition, the Land Registry data shows that the high-rise room A, Block 1, Yinluolu Avenue, Yuen Long, has a saleable area of ​​1,683 square feet and was sold for 24.5 million yuan with double parking spaces. The practical price is 14,557 yuan. In 2014, the original owner purchased the unit for RMB 28.095 million and purchased two additional parking spaces for RMB 2 million. Based on this calculation, the bill for this transaction has been eroded by RMB 5.595 million, together with the double printing fee of the purchase unit ( 2.08 million) and agency commission calculation, the actual eclipse more than 8.3 million yuan, showing that the owners look down on the property market prospects.

Ligang City two rooms reduced by 420,000

In addition, Li Jiage Real Estate Marketing Manager Xu Jiayang pointed out that the 30-story middle-floor F room of Lantian Ligang City has a practical area of ​​517 square feet, which is separated by two rooms and two halls. The original owner sold for 7.5 million yuan, and then reduced by 420,000 or about 6%, with a total of 7.08 million yuan, while the middle-level C room of the same type of unit was changed to 7.58 million yuan last month. The difference is 7%.

It is understood that the original owner purchased the upper site in February 1999 for about 2.758 million yuan. Holding the goods for about 20 years, the current turnover of the book is about 4.322 million yuan, and the property appreciation has exceeded 1.5 times.

On the other hand, the CVI of the Central Plains Valuation Index (main bank) was 24.61 points, a slight decrease of 0.78 points from 25.39 points last week. The CVI is still low, but it has not deteriorated. It indicates that the adjustment of property prices is limited, and it is estimated that it will return to the level at the

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