Huide Defeng sold on Wednesday, the agent was worried

The demonstrations and the conflict between the police and the people continued, and the development of the unrestricted developers was determined

Wheelock (020) announced that its two new discs, “MARINI" and “GRAND MARINI", will be released in the second round on Wednesday afternoon, with 136 teams and 182 teams in the first round.

“MARINI" launched the first batch of 500 people at the end of August. The first round sold 447 people, accounting for nearly 90% of the units available for sale. The cash is over 3.4 billion yuan, and the 136 pairs will be released on Wednesday (11th). As for the first round of sales of “GRAND MARINI", it will be divided into two groups, A and B. Group A buyers must select at least one and up to four designated properties. Group B buyers can purchase one or two designated units. The ticket will be closed at 6 pm on Tuesday (10th) and the result of the draw will be announced around 8pm.

Blue Chip Estates fell 30%

On the other hand, CITIC Pacific Ma On Shan “Junyuan" has also launched its first price list, involving 50 groups. The news refers to nearly 200 votes as of 6 pm yesterday, and the excess is about three times. Developers are considering adding more.

In the second-hand property market, buyers are still cautious

The two leading agents, the Midland and the Central Plains Top Ten Estates, recorded 11 transactions in the past weekend, which decreased by 31.3% and 27% respectively. According to the statistics of the United States, the trade is concentrated in the New Territories. The three target estates, Tsuen Wan Centre, Sha Tin Centre 1 and Kingswood Villas, have accounted for 10 cases. The three estates on Hong Kong Island are “arms" and Kowloon District 4 Among the indicator housing estates, only one transaction was recorded in Mei Foo New Village.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that after the Chief Executive announced the withdrawal of the revised Fugitive Offenders Regulations, the stock market rebounded and the property market wait-and-see atmosphere improved slightly. In addition, the developers accelerated their push in September and sold new orders at the market price. It is expected that the primary market will dominate the market this month, and second-hand property prices will continue to be under pressure.

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