The atmosphere gradually improved and the HSI continued to rebound

New progress has been made in trade negotiations, which has brought significant support to Hong Kong stocks

Since the HSI entered September, it has been the mainstay. At the beginning of October, investors wait and see, especially due to holiday factors, the North Water effect decreased, and the HSI fluctuated within a narrow range. On October 10, it once saw a low of 25,521.95. However, since October 11, China and the United States reached the first phase of the agreement, the risk appetite increased, risk assets rose, Hong Kong stocks clearly support.

Challenge the September high

The agreement was reached. Under the favorable conditions, the HSI returned to the 26,000 mark and continued its upward trend this week. The HSI once approached 27,000 and the transaction increased.

In the short term, there is indeed room for further growth and even challenging the September high

Of course, in order to form a truly major trend, it is necessary to cooperate with all parties. First of all, before the end of the year, the Fed will have to cut interest rates at least once, but the tone cannot be too pessimistic. In addition, the trade agreement will progress on a phase-by-stage basis. Otherwise, the Hang Seng Index is near 28,000 and it is difficult to make a major breakthrough.

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