THE AUSTIN 2818 million sale

According to market news, the A section of the first floor of THE AUSTIN, Austin Station, has an area of 966 square meters, with a turnover of about 28.18 million, and the price is 29,172 yuan

In addition, the Kowloon Station has 5 low-rise F rooms, 1060 square meters, with a turnover of about 25.58 million, and the price is 24,132 yuan.

Chenghe Pavilion has 17,000 yuan each

Lin Deyao, co-director of Zhongyuan Senior Division, said that the middle floor of Room A, Chenghe Pavilion, East Mid-Levels, 693 Fang Wei, sold for 11.98 million, and the price was 17287 yuan. The original owner bought it at 4.28 million in June 2007, and the book profit was 7.7 million, an appreciation of 180%.

Li Shiming, regional manager of Qifeng 21, said that there were 2 low-level NA rooms in the 2nd phase of Dawei Mingcheng, and 741 Fangfang, with a turnover of 11.58 million, and a price of 15,628 yuan

It is understood that the original owner purchased in March 2011 with 7.39 million, and the book profit was 4.19 million, an appreciation of 57%.

Pan Gangyi, senior business manager of the United States, said that the low-rise C room of the 21st floor of Fo Tan Hua Cuiyuan was about 1143 square meters. After the bargaining, it was rented out at 35,000 yuan and the lease was about 30.6 yuan.

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