Violence threatens the business environment

The business community strongly condemned the violence that occurred on the previous day, saying that a series of violent incidents have caused great threat to the business environment and social peace, and urged the police to follow up seriously

Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association (Manufacturer’s Association), Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCP), Hong Kong Federation of Industry (CTU), Hong Kong Chinese Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Chinese Association, BOC Hong Kong The Hong Kong Real Estate Association has issued a statement rigorously condemning violent acts of sabotage.

Manufacturers will call on society to stop dividing

The Manufacturers Association believes that a series of violent incidents have caused great threats to the business environment and social peace. I hope that the police will follow up seriously, severely punish those who use violence and lawbreakers, and appeal to social dissidents to discuss and express their opinions rationally and stop. Differentiating and violent, don’t let political disputes delay the development of Hong Kong. Wu Hongbin, president of the manufacturer’s association, said: “After the peaceful demonstrations on the 21st, there were continued radical demonstrators who ignored the police’s advice and forcibly went to the Golden Bell and the West Ring, and even blocked the China United Office and the smear national emblem. The actions of the central government stationed in Hong Kong are insulting the country’s dignity, the nature is bad, and the consequences are serious. The manufacturers also felt very shocked that a group of people in Yuen Long had attacked the public on the streets and MTR stations in the past night, causing many injuries. Reaffirm that society cannot tolerate violence.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Guo Zhenhua, said: “In the past month or so, the violence of individual radical demonstrators has escalated. The situation is very worrying and has seriously affected Hong Kong’s international reputation. These actions will not help solve the problem and will only affect public safety. The people’s livelihood economy, and the increase of social tears, is not conducive to improving people’s livelihood and economic development." He sincerely hopes that dissidents should express their opinions in a legal, reasonable and reasonable manner, refuse to resort to violence, and ask the police to investigate in depth. Strictly enforce the law and safeguard the rule of law in Hong Kong. He also urged the SAR Government and the parties to open the door of communication as soon as possible, to seek a way out by truly cherishing Hong Kong’s heart, to join hands and let the society return to the right track and start again.

In the middle of the batch of rioters insult the country

The Hong Kong Chinese Import and Export Chamber of Commerce expressed great indignation at a series of violent acts that have taken place during this period of time. In particular, the previous night’s mobs deviated from the parade route to the West Central Security Building, which was thrown at the Liaison Office’s house and national emblem. The paint bombs were sprayed with insulting national and national words, openly insulting the country, challenging the “one country, two systems" bottom line and the central authority, and giving the strongest condemnation. The Association mentioned that Hong Kong is a society ruled by law and should advocate peaceful rationality and strongly oppose all forms of violence. The acts of the mob have seriously damaged the business environment in Hong Kong. Many industries have been affected and at the same time greatly endangered social security. Therefore, the police will ask the police to take decisive measures and will not tolerate them.

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce respects peaceful demonstrators and has expressed their concern in the past few weeks. The quality of their citizens and the spirit of law-abiding are very rare. However, a few radical activists made violent acts after peaceful demonstrations, which shocked the society. The impact of the Legislative Council, the containment of the police headquarters, the violent clashes in Sha Tin, and the riots in the upper ring and the Liaison Office in the previous night were all intolerable. The latest incidents in the Yuen Long attack on innocent citizens have led to the development of some people who have turned a blind eye to the law and resorted to violence. This has further shocked and aggravated the people of Hong Kong.

The four major Chinese associations have attacked “one country, two systems"

The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Banking Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association and the Hong Kong Chinese Fund Association issued a statement strongly condemning a group of thugs on the evening of the 21st to take part in the anti-reform parade launched by the FDC. Outside the Liaison Office, the flag was officially smeared, smeared at the door signboard of the Liaison Office, destroyed the facilities of the central stationed agencies in Hong Kong, and opened the iron gate to try to break into it. The statement pointed out that these acts are a flagrant violation of crimes, seriously undermining and impacting the bottom line of the “one country, two systems" principle, maliciously challenging national sovereignty, and undermining the fundamental interests of 7 million Hong Kong citizens.

BOC Hong Kong violates the Basic Law by atrocities

BOCHK strongly condemned the atrocities committed by radical demonstrators to block the Liaison Office last night. This violated the Basic Law and violated Hong Kong laws. It seriously affected the bottom line of the “one country, two systems" principle and publicly challenged the authority of the central government and national sovereignty. BOCHK appeals to all sectors of the community to fully support the SAR government and law enforcement agencies, severely punish illegal violence in accordance with the law, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, and safeguard the rule of law and social stability in Hong Kong.

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