The business of the neighborhood is still stable

Social disputes continue, and the rental price of shops is hard to be affected

However, as the consumption of shopping malls in the districts is less affected by the decrease in tourists, the price of shopping malls in the districts is relatively stable.

Due to the change in the consumption pattern of mainland tourists, the rents of retail shops in the core areas have fallen since 2014 and have only stabilized since last year. It is expected that the Sino-US trade war will be accompanied by a sudden change in the situation in Hong Kong in recent months. The number of visitors to Hong Kong has plummeted, directly affecting the core. The interest rate of retail sales in the core area of ​​the consortium has also decreased.

In fact, capital inflows into non-core shopping malls have become a trend in recent years

Local consortiums or foreign funds have actively attacked regional shopping malls in the past two years. For example, Minsheng District shopping malls, which were demolished in the past two years, have been heavily accepted by Gem Capital. In addition, Fengtai Real Estate last year invested 3.38 billion yuan to purchase the Ao Nan shopping mall combination, showing that the regional shopping malls have become investment targets.

Worrying District Safety Ningliu District Consumption

The advantage of the regional shopping malls is that the merchants are mainly based on the basic needs of the people in the district. No matter the negative market conditions such as fluctuations in the external market conditions and the decrease in the number of visitors to Hong Kong, local consumption continues, the supermarkets in the downstairs, tea restaurants, etc. Quite stable. According to the owner of the newly completed shopping mall in Tseung Kwan O, the occupancy rate of its shopping malls has reached 90% recently. In the past, restaurants and restaurants have a high occupancy rate and the atmosphere is absolutely not bad.

The shopping malls in the Minsheng District, which is centered on the “department business", are relatively less affected by the recent demonstrations. On the contrary, the public is worried about the security situation in the traditional Wang District. The weekend stays in the shopping malls of their respective districts, so even the overall retail and dining areas For major impacts, the prices of Minsheng shopping malls and shops are expected to fall.

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