The first batch of 180 people entered the entrance fee of 7.21 million

The first batch of 180 people entered the entrance fee of 7.21 million. The online registration was introduced as soon as the next week. The price of love is as low as four thousand.

The Sino-US trade war and the violent conflicts in the social situation have intensified the political and economic situation in Hong Kong, and there have been new discrepancies. Chang Shi (01113), which has not sold large-scale new discs for more than two years, has its price in Changsha Bay Aihaiyu in the windy cranes. The first price list is 180, and the average price is about 18,700 yuan. 14,000 yuan, Changshi pointed out that “even the water is bought and bought", which is more than 10% lower than the new disk in the same district. It is the most flat new plate in the same district in the past two years. The comprehensive agent pointed out that the project price shocked the market, and it is expected that the first batch will be vigorously cleared, driving the first-hand transaction in the whole month to reach 1,500 to 2,000 levels.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Liang Yingxian

The price of the Aihai 期待, which the city is looking forward to, was finally revealed yesterday. The first batch of 180 francs was reduced to a price of 14,000 yuan and passed through the New Territories Building. Zhao Guoxiong, the executive director of Changshi, who personally unveiled the veil of property prices, bluntly said that “the price of the mouth is even bought in the water," which is about 1 to 20% discount to the new disk in the same district. In the new flat, the price is described as “Ping Ba", which is acceptable to the public.

Low opening reflects current market conditions

Asked whether the offer price is related to social events in recent months, Zhao Guoxiong said frankly that each property is based on the prevailing market conditions, and the current offer price has nothing to do with the social movement. It is affected by the Sino-US trade war, and it is also said that the individual had predicted at the beginning of the year. This year, property prices have fluctuated by 10%, and the offer price reflects the forecast. Zhao continued, “I am born and raised in Hong Kong. It is said that I was born in Sri Lanka. No matter what happens in the community, the people will live in Hong Kong for a long time in the future. I hope the public can live and work in peace."

He Jianxin, the chief assistant manager of Changshi (business), pointed out that Aihaiyi first launched 180 groups, 2 rooms and 3 rooms each occupy 135 groups and 45 groups, with a practical area of ​​488 to 785 square meters, with a price of 9.253 million to 20.714 million yuan. From 18019 to 26,901 yuan, the developer provides a maximum of 22% for discounts, a discounted price of 7.217 million to 16.178 million yuan, a discounted price of 14054 to 20983 yuan, and a direct family member who buys more than one group with a large amount of money. %discount. The demonstration unit was officially opened to the public today. It was charged on Friday and was first introduced online. It will be sold as soon as next week.

The data shows that the first batch of the project has an average price of 23,959 yuan, which is 18,688 yuan. It is the newest flat price in the same district for two years. The same price list for the first time in the same district AVA 228 in February this year, the average price is about 19,402 yuan. Henderson Land (00012) in the same district in March this year, the first batch of 50 groups of real discounted price of 20,850 yuan, Aihai 颂 flat 4% to 10%. The second-hand housing estates in the same district are both Fenghui, which is owned by Cheung Kong. At present, the second-hand price is about 16,884 yuan, while the second-hand price of Haibohui and Qinghui is about 21,600 yuan to nearly 22,000 yuan. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that Aihaiyu has a discount of more than 10% on the second-hand property of the newly-increased single-storey property in the same district, which can meet the rigid demand of the market. It is expected that the first batch of individual can be cleared. In fact, under the age of negative interest rates, there is also good news for the property market. The cost of providing flats is relatively flat. I believe that the new one will dominate the fourth quarter of the property market. It is expected that the number of transactions in this month will be about 1,500 to 1800.

Expected purchasing power in the short-term frozen zone

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, said that Aihai’s discounted price of RMB 14,054 is very attractive, and the purchasing power in the short-term is frozen. The demand for new buildings in the urban area is strong. The project is about 15% discount to the new ones. The estimated rental value is good. It is estimated that the rent can reach about 55 yuan and the return rate is about 3.5%. A lot of investment in renters, the proportion is expected to reach about 40%. He also pointed out that a number of new orders will be launched this month. The market will continue to be dominated by one-handed trading. In addition, it is expected that developers will exercise restraint and expect to trade about 2,000 in the whole month.