The Finance and Industry will resume the trial of the people’s livelihood project

The House Committee and the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council resumed today. Chen Jianbo, who is re-elected as the chairman of the Finance Committee, said that the Finance Committee is expected to consider the “pure people’s livelihood project" such as civil service pay increases and hospital expansion

He also pointed out that some Members have asked the Government to take out the salary increase of the police officers in the civil service pay increase project. The Government has refused to accept the reply. He thinks that if the individual funding items are drawn out, it is a dangerous precedent and there will be no end to it. On the other hand, the founding party deliberately no longer allowed the democratic party to serve as the chairman of the internal committee. It was intended that Ma Fengguo replaced the civic party Guo Rongzhen, and the democrats also indicated that they would not coordinate with the founding party on the committee’s chairman and vice chairman.

The Finance Committee met this morning. The only agenda is to elect the new and current vice-chairmen. The current vice-chairman, Chen Jianbo and Chen Zhenying, have expressed their willingness to re-elect. Chen Jianbo said that there are more people in the establishment system and there is no objection to his re-election. I hope that the non-constructionists will also support him in secret. He frankly worried about whether the parliamentarians can reach the Legislative Council today, and the successful election of the vice-president and the vice-chairman, and urged the parliament to let go of the emotional calmness. It also said that the police and the Legislative Council Secretariat will ensure that members can enter and leave the building smoothly.

The establishment of the party

If Chen Jianbo is successful in re-election, he plans to open a meeting throughout the year. As there are now a backlog of forty-four items and more than $70 billion in funding, the coming year is the last year of the legislative session and this year has not been completed. For approved projects, related procedures can only be started from the beginning. He pointed out that the previous approval of the Finance Committee was slow, which affected the 350,000 construction practitioners and relevant professionals. It was said that these funds were very important to them. They worried that if the Finance Committee no longer approved the project grants, it would build enterprises in related industries. It will be possible to close down.

He also pointed out that the Finance Committee will resume consideration of the funding next Friday. The current agenda includes the T2 trunk road and the Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel, the desalination plant, the Heng Chau public housing project, the civil service pay increase and four hospitals. “Pure people’s livelihood projects" such as reconstruction or expansion believe that there should be no disputes and “political issues should be resolved politically." He mentioned that some Democratic Party members had sent letters to him earlier, asking for a separate increase in the police salary increase from the civil service pay increase. The Government has refused to accept it. He believes that it is a dangerous precedent to draw a separate salary increase for individual departments. The fear will be endless and unfair to the staff of the relevant departments.

The internal committee resumed this afternoon

The agenda included the election of the new and current vice-chairmen. The current vice-chairmen and vice-chairmen were respectively supported by the DAB Li Huiqiong and the Citizens Party Guo Rongzhen. However, it is reported that the founding party intends to take over the vice chairman and vice chairman. In addition to competing for the re-elected chairman, Ma Fengguo, who is planning to promote the “six-person group", is the vice chairman.

Chen Shuzhuang, convenor of the Democratic Conference, said that the convener of the founding party, Liao Changjiang, had contacted her and invited the vice-chairmen and vice-chairmen of the committees. However, since the establishment system had told the media that they had to take all the seats, they believed that the founding party did not communicate with each other. Therefore, it has been rejected. She said that the democrats will send different members to run for election. I hope that they will have the opportunity to present their platforms and ways of handling the meetings so that the public can see the quality of their members and how they can respond to the needs of the public.

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