The first batch of about 180 people will be sold. The 3rd and 5th parks and seascapes will be concentrated

Seaside Sonata, a new large-scale residential project located at the core of Haitan Street, Changsha Bay, Kowloon, by Cheung Kong Holdings Group Limited (1113), will announce the first price list today and open the demonstration unit in a short period of time

The public visited. He Jiaxin, Assistant Chief Manager (business) of Changjiang Industry, said that “Aihaiyu” will be based on the new market in the same district. It is expected that the first batch will sell about 180 people, and the third and fifth parks and seascape households will be concentrated, as well as a small number of two. Mountain view households. The financial report of the newspaper

“Aihaiyu" is located in Haitan Street, the core city of Changsha Bay. It provides 4 876 and 6 residential units, all of which are designed for 2 and 3 bedroom master suites with storage rooms. Some of them can enjoy the area around Stonecutters. Sea view.

The project will take advantage of the three lines of Nanchang Station and Sham Shui Po Station, close to the West Kowloon Ten Thousand Seas Coastal Plan, and the West Kowloon Cultural District, which the Government is determined to build as one of the largest cultural projects in the world.

Located at Cheung Sha Wan 3 bedroom master suite first exposure

Assistant Chief Manager (Operation) of Cheung Kong Holdings He Jiaxin said that since the release of more relevant information and the upload of sales brochures to the project website last week, “Aihaiyu" has become a new focus of the market. Inquiries from people in different regions show that the project enjoys the geographical advantages of the three stations and the perfect supporting plan for the urban areas, attracting attention from the market. In addition, the units provided by the project are 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, 6 to meet the needs of home buyers. In response to the market, the Group has stepped up its pace and plans to announce its first price list today. The demonstration units will be opened to the public in the short term.

Yesterday, the first three-bedroom master suite and storage room were opened for demonstration by the media

It is the B unit on the 28th floor of Block 5, with a usable area of ​​771 square feet, with a height of 10 meters and 10 floors. The layout is clear and practical.

Walk into the master room and bedroom. The three bedrooms and the dining area are separated by a bathroom for a higher degree of privacy and a quieter private space.

The master suite is practical and practical, with a length of about 13呎4吋 and a width of about 8 inches. The space is generous. In addition to the large bed that can be placed on three sides, the wardrobe is reserved for the residents to place the wardrobe to store clothes. The windows of the two bedrooms are designed with large-area glass, light and view, and enjoy the sea view and green mountain view of the Angkor State. The wall between adjacent sleeping rooms in the sleeping area is not the main wall, the space is more flexible, so the designer deliberately opened the master room and the bedroom in the modified demonstration unit, transforming into a large master suite, the sense of space More spacious, and placed a fine collection in the owner’s interest room. The master suite features grey-silver bedding against a leather-wavy wall, hand-painted art, gold-plated lamps and a bedside table for an elegant look.

The living room and master suite have extra large windows for enjoying the sea view of Ang Chuanzhou; the living room has bilateral windows and an environmentally-friendly terrace, which introduces outdoor light and greatly increases the light level; the dining room wall is equipped with a metal screen, and the pattern on the screen is patchwork. The dining room is connected to create a sense of space; the floor is paved with dark natural stone, and the natural stone pattern is matched with light gray Italian brand Tacchini leather sofa and armchair, which is more stylish.

The kitchen has an L-shaped corner workbench that provides more work space, making it easier for residents to cook and cook. The kitchen is equipped with a range of well-known brands of appliances and appliances, including: German brand Kuppersbusch refrigerator, electric oven, washer/dryer and wine cooler, Italian brand Elica range hood and induction cooker, and Italian brand Treemme sink faucet.

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