The first break in the history of the green watch public housing “five goals" Fengde village light city seal king 3 room 5.26 million change hands

The first break in the history of the green watch public housing “five goals" Fengde village light city seal king 3 room 5.26 million change hands

The subsidized housing subsidies rebounded closely with the market this year. In the first half of the year, a total of 1515 transactions were recorded, compared with 935 cases in the same period last year. The number of bullets was about 62%, a record high of 3 years after 1536 in the first half of 2016; However, due to the warming of the Sino-US trade war and the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Regulations, the volume of such markets has turned sharply last month, falling to only 79 transactions, which fell below 100 levels for the first time in nine months. However, the Wong Tai Sin public housing Fung Tak Estate still gave birth to the Super Public Housing King in a light market. The original plan of an unreplaced land price was changed to a three-bedroom flat. It changed hands to 5.26 million yuan and became the first cost in Hong Kong. The ball has not been paid for by the public.

According to the Housing Authority (HA), in the first half of the year, 1515 unpaid land premium subsidised housing transactions were recorded in Hong Kong. The most prosperous in March, a total of 454 transactions were recorded, which was nearly 494 after 494 recorded in June 2013. The most months; and the trading volume of such markets went downhill for three consecutive months. In June, it fell to only 79, which was the lowest level since the record of 65 in September last year. But I believe the Housing Authority will later Have the opportunity to adjust the relevant figures.

A record of 8796 yuan per record

Although the rents of subsidized housing in June did not fall sharply, there was no break in the price increase. During the period, the transaction price or the price of up to 17 cases broke records, accounting for about 21.5%. In Fung Tak Tsuen, more than 1.03 million members of the public took part in the anti-amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance on June 9.

Fu Wei Real Estate Division Manager Sun Weiwen pointed out that Fengde Village Lou Wang is 5 high-rise rooms of 5 Xuefeng Buildings, with a practical area of ​​598 square meters. The original plan is open to 3 bedrooms, decoration and management, looking to open the city view, the original The owner sold the land at an unreserved land price of 5.9 million yuan as early as 2017. Since the beginning of last month, the buyer has been bidding for a purchase. The two sides bargained for about one week, and finally negotiated on the 12th of last month to the unpaid land price of 5.26 million yuan. The property price was created in Hong Kong. The unpaid land premiums for public housing flats and the price of $8796 also set a new record for the unpaid land premium housing prices in East Kowloon. According to the original owner’s non-replacement price of 367,200 yuan in 1998, the book value increased by 4.8828 million yuan (about 13.3 times).

Looking up the record, the public housing prices in Hong Kong have only recorded a high price of $4.56 million for the upper floor price. In May this year, it was set up by the 6th floor of the lower floor of Longyi Building, Block 4, Wong Tai Sin Estate, in the same district. It means only about one month apart. The record was significantly pushed up by 700,000 yuan (about 15.4%).

Sun Weiwen said frankly that the public housing estate of Fung Tak Estate signed a temporary sale and purchase agreement after the June 9th parade. Although the social atmosphere was unstable at the time, the buyers entered the market for their own use. Therefore, “the price of the property fell."

Kangshan Garden, 9.98 million expensive Hong Kong Island Homes

In fact, despite the fact that the property market was hit by internal and external unfavorable factors last month, many housing estates still recorded new breakthroughs. The high-rise unit of Chai Wan House, Xing Cui Court, has a saleable area of ​​407 sq ft. In June, the unpaid land price was 4.22 million yuan, and the price was 10,369 yuan. The uncompleted land price of the HOS flat was $10,000 per dagger. Wong Tai Sin House, Tin Ma Court, was also the first time to break the fasting this year. A high-rise unit with a saleable area of ​​415 square feet was changed in June with an unpaid land price of $3.9 million and a price of $9398. Both of them created a new record for the uncompleted land premium.

As for the Kangshan Garden in Quarry Bay, which is home to the Home Ownership Scheme, it was also born on the eve of the G20 Group Summit. The news pointed out that there are 8 middle-floor C rooms with a usable area of ​​592 square meters and the original plan of 3 rooms. On the 27th of last month, the household was paid out of the land price of 9.98 million yuan, and the price was 16,858 yuan. It was the highest living room on Hong Kong Island, with the high-rise H-room of the 2nd floor of the Ya Ting Court, Aberdeen, which was changed to 9.8 million yuan in March this year. king. In 1997, the original owner requisitioned 3.43 million yuan to fill the market. In 2012, the land premium was paid. The amount of land premium was not paid, and the book earned 6.55 million yuan (about 1.9 times).

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, pointed out that the overall property market was not good in June, and the amount of unpaid land subsidy housing transactions also fell to a low level. However, as the Sino-US trade war eased, it is believed that the worst market situation has passed. It is expected that trading in such markets will rebound from July, and it is estimated that “quality goods" will have the opportunity to continue to break.