The market is reduced by 70% of the shops. The riots are still unsettled

The anti-reforms have plagued the retail industry, and multi-zone shopping malls have emerged

There are shops in Causeway Bay which have seen at least half of the shops in recent months. The tenants have no business transactions and they have to pay for the goods and pay the rents. There are tenants in Kwai Fong who are sighing. The flow of people has fallen by 70%. The situation continues or consideration is due. Mong Kok also There are more than 10 shops in the mall, and tenants are complaining that the business is less than before. The Government has announced a number of measures to support SMEs. However, the industry has questioned the effectiveness of the measures. Some retail trade associations have urged owners to reduce their rents for half a year. Members of the Legislative Council have suggested that the Government should strengthen the local retail market.

About 20 merchants in Laforet, East Point, Causeway Bay posted the words “request for rent reduction" on the window

“Business is worse than SARS." There are about 140 shops on the two floors of Laforet, East Point, Causeway Bay. At least seven non-merchant tenants are now rented. Some of the shops are also used as temporary shops for publicity. About 20 Merchants posted the words “request for rent reduction" on the window. Ms. Li, the owner of the store, said that she has been operating drugstores for more than eight years. The main source of tourists is mainland and overseas tourists. It is said that her business has plummeted due to recent demonstrations. “I have tried to open the whole day and I have done a few A hundred mosquitoes business." She continued, in 17 years, the owner reduced the rent from about 80,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, but the business volume in recent months was only 50,000 yuan. After deducting the cost of entering the goods, it is necessary to post the money to barely maintain the business. . In recent months, she has only renewed her rent for two years. She has questioned that the SME support measures announced by the Government are not very useful. “It only helps large enterprises and falls into the hands of small enterprises." It is expected that owners can reduce rents.

Demonstration, illusion, shopping mood

The number of people in Kwai Chung Square, which is crowded with people on weekdays, has also been significantly reduced. More than 10 JI shops on the third floor have advertisements for renting. Miss Wei, who sells women’s clothing at the same level, pointed out that in recent months, the business fell more than 50%. After deducting more than 30,000 yuan in rent, even the salary is difficult to pay. “Besides Saturday and Sunday, even after Monday, it will be quiet, maybe It affects the public’s shopping mood." She has been operating a clothing store for more than 10 years. The situation is unprecedented. The number of people in the square has dropped by 70%. Some merchants have closed their doors. If the situation persists, they may consider closing the business. In response to earlier associations calling on owners to reduce rents, she agreed. “Before Saskatchewan had reduced rents for one year, this time the owners have talked to Yijia."

The Mongkok New City, which is dominated by the youth market, has at least 11 shops in the second and third floors. There is a rental hotline outside the gate. Ms. Zheng, who runs boutiques on the market, said that after more than a year of operation, the number of people in the mall has decreased slightly in recent months, which has slightly affected the business. However, she has never heard of the government providing support measures to SMEs.

The tourism industry is not good enough to drag down the retail industry

Pan Zhiming, the managing director of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce), said that in the past two months, Hennessy Road, Percival Street, Wan Chai and Sheung Wan, Causeway Road, Tai Po, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, and the sporadic areas in the New Territories such as Sha Tin and Yuen. The shop rental market in popular demonstration areas such as Lang is more affected. Retail shops generally have a more prosperous business on weekends. However, in the face of recent demonstrations, coupled with the sluggish tourism industry, the consumption power is weak and the blow is even greater. He said that at present, Jipu has begun to emerge. Many tenants expect owners to reduce rents by three to sixty percent. Some owners are willing to reduce rents in the short term. “It is better to leave a tenant than to lose money." He added. Many leases start from 10 to November. At that time, more tenants will not renew their leases, and it will be difficult for new tenants to top. It is expected that the vacancy rate will be higher in the next three months.

High-priced goods are affected more

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, Mr. Xie Qiu, said that in the first half of this year, due to the Sino-US trade war, the retail market in Hong Kong continued to be sluggish. The negative growth in June was even more pronounced. The total retail sales in July fell by 11% year-on-year. Point four, it is expected that the market in September will be quieter. Among them, the retail sales of high-priced goods such as jewellery and watches and clocks dropped by a large margin, about 40% to 60%. The number of shops in the tourist areas, such as clothing stores and drugstores, also recorded a drop of nearly 50%. As for some categories, such as supermarkets, there is still an increase. She estimated that the public’s performance was reduced because the public reduced their meals.

Thanks to the government’s support measures, Xie expressed welcome, but the retail industry needs all parties to work together to tide over the difficulties. Therefore, the Association had earlier urged shop owners to reduce rents by 50% for a period of six months. However, the response was average. Only some owners expressed their understanding. Most of the major owners did not respond. She said that she was anxious. “The three months (business) have worked hard. SMEs are particularly difficult to find. The cash flow is delayed and the losses are inevitable. The 11th holiday is a golden period, but the Legislative Council member Shao Jiahui pointed out that the decline in passenger numbers has caused a serious blow to the retail industry. It is expected that September and 10 will be hit. The situation is not optimistic.

A spokesman for the Kwai Chung Plaza said that the Customer Service Centre is the property manager and is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the public areas of the Kwai Chung Plaza. Since the above shops are held by different owners, the actual rental conditions should be directly linked to the owners of the shops. Learn more about. The newspaper also inquired about the Laforet in the east corner of Causeway Bay and the new city in Mong Kok. However, there was no reply before the deadline.

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