The industry sighs into the meat and appeals to the government to subsidize rent

In the face of the unprecedented wave of anti-reforms, some representatives of the catering industry bluntly said that the revenue of the restaurant industry fell by more than 10% as a “terrorist level"

as the profit of general restaurants was only 5% to 8%. Turning losses into profits, it is estimated that one-third of the restaurants in the market are in a deficit state. Some bar trades also pointed out that most of the bars are now eroded into the meat. They need to affix about 20,000 per month. They think that the Government should take the initiative to provide rent subsidies to the industry to solve the urgent need.

30% turned from profit to loss

The latest statistics on restaurant receipts in the Census and Statistics Department have dropped by double digits year-on-year. Among them, Chinese restaurants and bars have fallen the most. Huang Jielong, president of the Rice Seedlings Association and chairman and chief executive officer of the Xufu Building Group, said that the decline was a terrorist level. It is estimated that 30% of the restaurants will turn from profit to loss. They criticized the government for no obvious measures to help the industry tide over the difficulties and worried that the industry’s losses will continue to deteriorate. .

The vice president of the Bar Industry Association

Mr. Qian Yiyong, also pointed out that the bar business generally fell last month. The bar business in the commercial district fell by 40%, while the bars in the residential area fell by 20%, which means that most bars are “etched into the bar." Meat, you need to post 20,000 yuan per month to subsidize rent and labor. He also pointed out that the sudden closure of Lan Kwai Fong by the police on Halloween night caused the business of the district to plummet by 50%. However, many guests moved to Tsim Sha Tsui on the same night. Instead, the bar business in the district increased by 20% compared with the past. I am still willing to go out for a holiday during the festival. I am still optimistic about the amount of Christmas business. I hope that Christmas can “do the best” and earn money for business.

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