The nano-store “scheduled" has a reason

The policy address has been relaxed

Under the new measures, the trainees have chosen more. They are no longer immersed in the first phase of the issue. They have dedicated themselves to the “Nano Building". Recently, a nano-panel in Tuen Mun District has revealed 8 cases. In the case of a case, the unit is as small as 128 square meters. The rider has been rushing in the past and this situation has ceased to exist.

Relax and choose more on the car

A senior bank official said that the market was on sale at that time, and the queue was long and the passengers were rushing to buy. The current situation is different. Some buyers want to retain the “on the train" qualification for the purchase of larger units. After that, choose to order.

The Nano Building is only suitable for single people or two couples. If members are added to the family in the future, the change of the building is imminent. At present, there are many candidates. The target of many prospective buyers is 2 households. If the price of the estate is calculated from 15,000 to 20,000, the entrance price of the 400 square unit will be about 6 million to 8 million.

Prospective buyers

Last week’s policy address was the most shocking property market measure, relaxing the first home purchase insurance, from 4 million to 8 million, the car owners can borrow 90% of the building, buy a unit with a large silver code, even if the pressure test , can still borrow 90% by insurance. The news stimulated 6 million to 8 million units, and the passengers made more choices in the limited first period. They don’t have to be limited to 4 million units in the past. The units with a price ranging from 4 million to 8 million are among the choices. . In the past, the property price was 8 million units, and the first phase was 3.2 million. At present, 800,000 is enough.

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