Pushing the price of 25,400,000, up 17%, 36% higher than the price of nearby Aihai

Just as Cheung Shui (1113) and Sham Shui Po, who partnered with the URA, launched the first price list on Wednesday, after the launch of the first price list of 180 gangs, the neighboring Xindi (0016) Nanchang StationIII also launched the No. 4 price list 178 gang yesterday

The average price per square meter was RMB 25,485, which was 21,722 yuan higher than the first price list of the previous month. The price increased by 17.32% in one month. At the same time, the average price of the first price list was 18,688 yuan, which was 36.37% higher. According to market participants, in view of the fact that the price of Huiyi III is much higher than that of Aihai, it is tempting to watch the success of the interception of Aihai.

Xindi’s Nanchang Station, Huizhou III, yesterday raided 178 gangs, and the interception was very strong. According to the data, the newly added price list No. 4, 178 units are distributed in 6-8, the practical area is from 267 to 528 square units, and the interval is open to two-bedroom, not like the first three price lists. Large unit with 1,513 square feet. The price of the price list ranges from 7.726 million to 210.29 million, and the price list is priced at 26,741 to 38,068 yuan.

Entrance price of 6.18 million is the most expensive

After deducting the 20% discount, the discounted price will be from RMB 6,800,800 to RMB 16,062,200, the discounted price will be RMB 21,393 to RMB 30,455, and the discounted average price will be RMB 25,485.

In terms of average price, the average price of the No. 3 price list was 24,957 yuan, and the price increase was 2.12%, but the average price of the first price list was 21,722 yuan, an increase of 17.32%.

In fact, some units have increased their prices by more than 5% this time. For example, the 7-story, 528-square D room on the 39th floor is a two-bedroom apartment with a discounted price of 15,543,400 yuan and a discounted price of 29,239 yuan. At the end of September, 7 units of the 40th floor practical 528 square 呎D room, which was announced at the end of September, were sold at a price of RMB 14.68 million and a discounted price of RMB 27,803. In other words, the lower unit price is 5.2% higher than the upper unit.

Tired sales of 680 four-bedroom households will be tendered

After two rounds of sales in September, the company has sold more than 680 people. In the first round of sales on September 19, 350 people recorded a 99% sales rate; with the second round of sales on September 26, 352, they also recorded a 96% sales rate. There are not many four-bedroom units that have not yet been sold, and will be sold in short-term to meet market demand. The sales arrangements and bidding documents will be online in the short term.

Market participants believe that although Evergreen’s Aihaiyu, the first price list of 180 people averaged 18,688 yuan, which is 26.67% lower than that of the Huizhou III (or 36.37% higher than the Huizhou III), but the two positions and the surrounding environment are still There are differences. Huiyi III enjoys sea views near the seashore, while the downstairs is the Nanchang West Rail Station and has shopping mall facilities, etc., both of which have advantages and disadvantages.

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