III next week, the price of the majority of units intends to sell

After two months of calm, the new disk came out. Xindi (00016) Nanchang Station Shanggai Huiyi III will implement the next week’s offer price

another high silver head gun Ho Wentian proudly waits for the market conditions to stabilize and launch, most units tend to bid for sale.

Xinyi, the deputy managing director of the company, said that the company will announce the price list next week and reiterate that it will sell at the market price and acceptable market level

If the first batch of 20% is required, the first price list is not less than 235. Tang Jinjiang, deputy general manager of Xindi, said that the Huiyi III opened the existing flat at 2 o’clock this afternoon for an appointment.

On the other hand, Ho Manda, who is privately held by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gao Yin Group, is also proud to appear on the scene. Chen Xiuxian, director of marketing and sales of Gaoyin Group, said that after the market sentiment returned to a stable and pushed, there was no rush to open the price, and most units preferred to bid for sale. The demonstration unit has been completed, the specific launch date depends on the market conditions, and the price refers to the same district luxury home. Proudly built 6 residential towers, offering 401 groups, standard households with a practical area of ​​848 to 1447 square feet, 2 rooms and 3 rooms separated, of which 26 features. The construction cost per project of the project is over 7,000 yuan.

As for the GRAND MARINI, which has been opened for sale in the month, the managing director of the venue, Huang Guangyao, said that the project has pushed 101 people, the practical area is 374 to 785 square meters, and the actual price is 6.094 million to 13.397 million. The price is 13704 to 17722 yuan, and the average price is 15388 yuan. A total of 202 gangs were launched, with an average price of 15,223 yuan, and a market capitalization of 1.82 billion yuan. The project sold 446 people and cashed in 3.43 billion yuan.

Market participants said that the disk has accumulated nearly a thousand votes, compared with the already launched 202 teams that are four times more

In addition, CITIC’s Maanshan Junyuan began to collect tickets yesterday, which is said to be due to the large silver code and the general response. The Central Plains mortgage provides low-interest mortgages and low-end mortgage plans for the market.

Wang Meifeng, the managing director of Zhongyuan, pointed out that the low-interest mortgage can enjoy a full period as low as H (interbank interest rate) plus 1.23% interest rate, capping rate as low as 2.375%, and a cash rebate of up to 2.1% and a high interest-bearing account. The low initial mortgage rate can be as high as 70%, and the full-term interest rate is as low as P (preferential interest rate 5.5%).

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