The property market is entering a short-term adjustment period. It is expected that the annual property price will increase by zero

The political and economic uncertainties hinder the situation

The demonstrations in various districts and the Sino-US trade wars continued to be under pressure in recent months; Kerry Development Executive Director Zhu Yepei said in an interview with this newspaper that the recent short-term factors have undoubtedly had a considerable impact on the property market. The decline, but not the “plug-in" decline; outlook before the end of the year, property prices have the opportunity to “offset" the increase in the first half of the year, which is expected to be “zero increase". As for the primary market, the developer is expected to push the market with the market. If it is not launched at the same time, it is believed to be still in place.

Recently, the market sentiment has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. Zhu Yepei pointed out that the property market performed well in the first half of the year, but it was affected by the weak factors such as Sino-US trade war and social movement. The performance in the second half of the year began to slow down, although the property price did not see a sharp decline, but the transaction The amount has fallen.

Second-hand non-“water-plugging" decline

Zhu Yepei said that the rise in property prices in the past has made many people unable to buy a house even if they have saved money. It is not healthy for the long-term development of the market. At the same time, property prices cannot rise “never-ending". Looking around the current market is plagued by a number of negative factors, it is expected that property prices will rise in the first half of the year and have the opportunity to evaporate in the second half of the year.

Zhu Yepei said that the developer’s offer price has not been as aggressive as it used to be, but it is still sold at a reasonable price. It is expected that the developer will sell it in the form of “going on the market”, unless there are multiple new discs at the same time in the market. Undertake.

New disk “sold on the market" for sale

As for the second-hand market, the impact is relatively large, and the trading volume has slowed down markedly. However, there has not been a “plug-in" decline, which reflects that most of the owners have strong market power. If the market sentiment is not good, the property can be resold as rent. Sale at a reduced price.

In addition, Hong Kong’s economic base is still good, the unemployment rate is low, and the tight supply of land is expected to continue in the next few years. This makes the problem of imbalance between supply and demand in the market difficult to resolve and has substantial support for property prices.

The long-term line is still optimistic

In addition, Zhu also pointed out that the level of interest rate has a decisive effect on the property market. At present, the market performance of the European and American markets is not satisfactory. Therefore, there is still downward pressure on the interest rate. The market is full of funds, although the social movement should not be settled in the short term. However, the problem was solved on the day and the future development of the property market is still optimistic.

Zhu Yepei also said that optimistic about the medium-sized units in the market, the area of ​​about 800 to more than 1,000 square feet, because there are not many similar supplies in the market, there are fewer luxury properties, so it is worth to be seen.

Investment strategy is more prudent

As regards the Group’s land investment strategy, Zhu Yepei pointed out that although the current market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, the Group will still actively invest in the land, but the selectivity is strong. The counting will definitely be more cautious and will focus on high-quality land.

At present, the group is mainly selling a number of new homes in its existing building. Zhu Yepei also said that He Wentian was 97%, and only 44 of them were for sale, all of which were 3 and 4 units.

In addition, the Manchu Mountain in Tuen Mun is also tiring up 95% of the units. The sales are quite good, and there is not much supply in the district. Therefore, there is no pressure on the price reduction.

On the other hand, Zhu Yepei also pointed out that the Group’s Xiying Pangaoshi project involving about 120 people will be reserved for rent collection; the area is close to the commercial core area, and the rental demand is quite high. The average rent of the project is about 70 yuan. Reporter Li Weilun Chen Yongkang Photography Ma Juntong

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