Gadoli’s three-year loss of more than 1.6 million Yingfeng fell 14% in half a year, the property market shaved the wind “nano-floor” eclipse

The decline in property prices has accelerated

The “nano-rises” that were sold at a price of a few years ago have eclipsed the eclipse in the down market. The first eclipse of the Ho Man Tin Kadoorie House has been smashed. The original owner is more than 30%. It was sold for $4.88 million, with a loss of more than $1.6 million in less than three years. The owner of the squatting house in Jordan has entered the market five years ago, and now it has to erode more than $1.4 million.

Due to the demonstration unit’s construction of a “cannot sit on the toilet”, Ho Man Tin’s new Panduo Xuan, which was heated by the whole city, has seen a sharp increase in second-hand sales after the occupation this year. According to the Land Registry, the E-room in the middle and lower floors of the building has a practical area of ​​267 square meters. Last month, it was transferred with 4.88 million yuan. The practical price was only 18,277 yuan, a record low.

Perth’s actual loss is over 1.4 million

According to the information, the original owner bought it at Hengdi (00012) for $5.8810 million in March 2017. The unit has a depreciation of more than 1 million yuan or 17% for less than 3 years, together with an additional stamp duty (SSD) of 10% of the property price. Other fees, estimated actual losses of about 1.66 million yuan. According to the news, the unit had sold for 7.2 million yuan in the market. This time, it only registered for 4.88 million yuan, which is 2.32 million yuan or more than 30% lower than the asking price. Even the real estate agent was surprised and questioned whether it was an internal transfer case. .

Jordon Pershing, who also focuses on nano-small households, also suffered from damages

According to the news, the lower floor of the building A, the practical area of ​​245 square feet, the original owner in March this year with 5.8 million yuan released, but the market has been lack of interest, until July this year, the market situation has turned sharply, the initiative to lower the asking price to 5 million yuan, on At the end of the month, it was sold out at a price of 4.6 million yuan. The price of the utility price fell below 20,000 yuan, only 18,776 yuan. With reference to similar units in March this year, the price of used goods was 25,000 yuan, and the price of the property plummeted 20% in half a year. The original owner purchased it for 5.806 million yuan in September 2014. The book eclipse exceeded RMB 1.2 million. Together with agency commission and printing fee, the actual loss was over RMB 1.4 million.

As for the To Kwa Wan mortuary Ying Feng, which was admitted two years ago, the first case of eclipse was recorded. Zhongzi Real Estate Branch Manager Wu Zilin said that Yingfeng’s high-rise room B has a practical area of ​​185 square meters. Looking southeast for the whole sea view, the price is 4.5 million yuan, the bargaining price is 4 million yuan, and the practical price is 21,622 yuan. Refer to the upstairs unit in March this year. The price was 4.65 million yuan, and the property price dropped 14% in the past six months. The new buyer was a foreign customer. The original owner bought it in June 2016 with a price of about 3.647 million yuan. In the same year, he paid a double stamp duty. Now he has sold the goods for 3 years. The book only earns 353,000 yuan, minus the miscellaneous charges. About 200,000 yuan.

The price of the property in the New Territories West has been madly chasing the price. Liang Haowen, the joint director of Midland Real Estate, revealed that the new C-room of the 7th Block of the New Tuen Mun Centre has a usable area of ​​462 square meters. The market has just changed hands with 4.75 million yuan. The practical price is only 10281 yuan, which is the same as the middle-level unit of the same size this year. The monthly construction cost was 5.6 million yuan, and the property price plunged 850,000 yuan in just 4 months. The latest valuation of the large bank was 5.8 million yuan. The transaction price was 18% lower and returned to the price of December last year.

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