The second-hand market is hot and hot, and the trading volume is booming

In the policy address released last Wednesday, the first mortgage was relaxed

The 90% mortgage was raised from the original property price of 4 million yuan to 8 million yuan.

After the launch of the new measures, the second-hand market has responded immediately. The trading volume in various districts has soared. Amoy Gardens in Ngau Tau Kok Estate; Metro City in Tseung Kwan O; Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai; Discovery Centre in Tsuen Wan; Sheung Wan Estate and Tai Wan Estate estate. The volume of transactions has rebounded abnormally, and there is no shortage of high-traffic transactions.

Yingen tight buyers deposited into the city

Before the first mortgage was relaxed, the price of the 2 rooms and the net 3 room of Jiahu Villa was less than 6 million yuan. It was originally possible to make a mortgage of up to 80%, but after relaxing the first mortgage, the number of mortgages increased to 90%. The tighter car owners have some help, especially when choosing a unit, the original room will be picked up, and the budget can be increased to buy 3 rooms. In view of this, Jiahu Villa 3 homes are hot.

It is understood that for the price of 5.7 million yuan, according to the first phase of the first phase of 1.14 million yuan, according to 90% of the first phase of 570,000 yuan, the gap between the two is 570,000 yuan, of course, the prospective buyers of tighter than the roots do not dare to enter the market The idea, after relaxing the first mortgage, the price of 5.7 million yuan can also be up to 90%. This is a certain attraction for the tighter prospective buyers. Together with the housing demand, they have also taken their own economic ability and accelerated. Enter the market.

Should be valued

In addition, as a second-line housing estate in Discovery Park in the district, at least 8 re-sale cases were recorded after the policy address. The transaction units were all 2 flats. The property price ranged from $6.4 million to $7.85 million. The highest mortgage rate is 90%, of which 3 are extremely low-rise households. One of the low-rise households changed hands with 6.58 million, which is the most flat selling price unit at that time. However, the bank’s valuation is 5.95 million yuan, that is, the unit is undervalued. Buyers should pay attention to the valuation before the board, so as not to disrupt the position.

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