Earlier this month, the top 10 housing estates were down 45%

The second-hand property market has been slow to trade in the first half of this month

However, as the policy report has widened the number of buildings, it is expected to lower the barriers to entry. However, the market is also expected to have a lot of selling prices.

Since the beginning of this month, the turnover rate of the top 10 housing estates has slowed down. Compared with the same period of last month, the transaction volume has dropped by more than 45%. Although many of the deals have been sold at a reduced price, or the recent low-cost change, the 10 largest housing estates The overall price rises and falls.

Relaxing the building, the owner narrows the bargaining price

Among the three major housing estates in Hong Kong Island, the Taikoo City has been performing well in five transactions, and the full-floor 2-bedroom households have caused the overall price to fall below 20,000 yuan.

As for the New Territories, the number of transactions in Kingswood Villas was the highest, but compared with the same period of last month, the transaction volume decreased by 46%, but it was still less than the first time in the same period, the turnover of the first city in Sha Tin was 20%. There have been about 4 transactions since the fall.

In the new round of policy address, the property can be built up to a maximum of 9 years for mortgages with a maximum of 8 million yuan

The market is expected to bring good news to buyers with tight monetary policy, but at the same time some owners have narrowed their opportunities. The bargaining range, even the counter-price, is expected to be digested by both buyers and sellers in the short term.

According to statistics from the Central Plains, there are currently about 17,657 listings in Hong Kong, of which about 6,656 are under $8 million.

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