The vacant tax pushes up the meeting. Xiao Chuji: The system helps the society to reduce grievances

The vacant tax has been tightened by the old year, but the family government wants to formally push it into the Legislative Council for deliberation

Some people in the real estate industry are dissatisfied and feel that the price will fall. However, Xiao Chuji, a member of the Renaitang Advisory Board, said that the government’s actions would reduce the grievances of the society.

Xiao Chuji praised the establishment of a vacant tax and believed that there should be a big change in the property market

Zhuo Ni saw Xiao Chuji on an occasion earlier. Quzan established a vacant tax. There are indeed a lot of vacant units in the market. Many friends in the channel have lost their vacancies, renting them, and wanting to stay in the channel, even if they want to stay. There are many reasons for the decline in the property market. For example, economic factors and political factors may not be due to vacant taxes.

Xu Kunhua: I want to take the opportunity to give birth

However, the channel believes that there should be major changes in the property market. Most of the property market in Hong Kong is supported by domestic people. There are many wealthy people on the market. The channels are all wanting a way out. They should continue to buy buildings. In addition, every country in the country has printed silver paper, and it has fallen into silver paper, and the use of money for building value is a major trend.

Turning to see Hong Kong Ms. Ama, the honorary chairman of the association, Xu Kunhua, and his wife, Ye Sibei, Xu Kunhua, the vacant tax has already been set in the direction, the aim is to do, the real estate developers are willing to swear! If you want to solve the problem of poverty, you will have to fall in property prices. Therefore, it is up to the public to hope that property prices can slowly fall by three to 40%. Although the channel is a vested interest, the system is in a period of life, but it is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a scare building, and then you have to go bankrupt, and you will feel scared and painful? In the past few years, there have been people who have a lot of money in the building. I believe that there will be a negative asset situation.

It is a director of the property company. The Chief Executive of the Leshan Church, Chen Dahua, has a heavy tax on the vacant tax. The quarantine will feel that the supply of the property market may be more ill, but it will help the grassroots. The channel believes that to help the grassroots, the political environment must first be stabilized, and the economy will be a good one. Even if the vacant tax order falls to the property market, it must be enough to rely on the family because of political chaos. It is estimated that the Yijia private buildings have fallen to 30% and 40%. The 10,000 mosquitoes have fallen from the 10,000 mosquitoes. However, the vacant tax has an impact on the squats. The vacant building is a fun house to help the grassroots.

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