The venue will sell 318 pairs on Wednesday

Despite the recent volatility in the market, the response to the new residential project is still good

GRAND MARINI, Tseung Kwan O Real Estate’s Tseung Kwan O, has recently launched its first round of sales on Wednesday, launching 182 groups. As for the same department, MARII also sold 136 people on the same day, that is, 318 units were launched in two sets.

GRAND MARINI and MARINI were sold on the same day this week. Left is Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate.

GRAND MARINI received 1400 votes

According to the sales arrangement of GRAND MARINI, it was released at 2 pm on the same day. Buyers were divided into Group A and Group B. A group of buyers can buy up to four groups, and at the same time select at least one three-bedroom unit or at least two two-bedroom units.

The project announced two price orders earlier, providing a total of 202 units, with an average price of 15,223 yuan and a market value of about 1.82 billion yuan. The entrance unit is the E room on the 7th floor of Block 2B. It is a one-room interval with a discounted price of 6.094 million yuan. The plate has received more than 1,400 tickets and oversubscribed more than 6 times.

MARINI accumulates over 3.4 billion

The same department of MARII also announced the sales arrangement. The unit that was released on the same day was from the price list No. 5, and the entry unit was the F room on the 18th floor of Block 3B. The design price of one room was 5.728 million yuan. The market was sold in the first round at the end of last month. A total of 447 people were sold, accounting for nearly 90% of the units available for sale, and cashing over 3.44 billion yuan.

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