Last month, the three hot stamps fell below 1 billion

The Inland Revenue Department announced yesterday that the “Three Spicy Taxes" continued to fall. In September, the number of transactions involving spicy taxation involved 1,220 cases, which fell for three months, the lowest since July 2014

The tax involved was about 978 million yuan, down 24.24 month-on-month. %, a 7-month low, is again below the 1 billion level after February of this year.

Among them, non-residential properties are subject to double stamp duty (DSD)

which was only 837 in September, down 21% month-on-month, involving a tax of $335.3 million, down by 3.3% month-on-month, both in volume and in volume. The new low has reflected the low turnover of commercial properties.

The number of stamp duty (BSD) of buyers reflecting the market entry situation of non-local buyers and company-name buyers was 107 in September

down 55.8% month-on-month, which was the second lowest level this year. The tax involved was only about 230 million yuan. Frustrated by 30%.

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