Three types of payment in one hand

Many people like to buy new properties

Apart from the environment and the existing decoration of the flats, the developers will also provide a more flexible payment scheme for buyers to choose from. This is also the reason why the major first-hand housing estates are popular. . When purchasing a first-hand residential property, the buyer should decide the payment method by referring to the following items to avoid losing the budget. The following three are the more common payment methods:

“Construction payment" means that the buyer must first deliver the deposit to the developer and pay the remainder when the property is nearing completion

This benefit is that the buyer can have a longer time to arrange the remaining funds. Due to the long transaction period, if the buyer applies for a mortgage to the bank and the property price is falling, the buyer may face the problem of undervaluation and need to prepare additional funds to cope with the difference in the mortgage.

“pay-as-you-go" means that the buyer needs to pay the deposit after the signing of the sale and purchase agreement and pay within the specified date

If the balance is paid within 90 to 180 days after signing the sale and purchase agreement, the buyer must immediately arrange a mortgage application with the bank to pay the remainder. . The general developers will also offer more discounts to buyers who choose “pay-as-you-go" to attract buyers. It is worth noting that buyers may have to cope with existing housing expenses and mortgage contributions at the same time, which will affect the flexibility of capital turnover.

3: A small number of developers have introduced a “first-come, first-pay" payment method in order to facilitate the sale of the deposit. The deposit is paid after the buyer has signed the sale and purchase agreement. The deposit arrangement depends on the individual developer’s real estate. The remainder of the property can be paid in a few years. Although the buyer can solve the housing needs in an immediate manner, during the fluctuation of the property market, it is also the same as the “construction payment". The problem of undervaluation may occur during the transaction and affect the mortgage arrangement.

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