Tianhou Electric Road, the whole building, 1.3 billion for sale

The property development of the whole building is flexible

The listed company has sold 1.3 billion yuan to the entire building of Tianhou Electric Road.

Xie Lisheng, senior senior division business director of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial) office building department, said that he was commissioned to sell 68-70 Tiandao Electric Road, with a site area of ​​about 3,465 square feet, which will build a 25-storey Ginza-style commercial building with a total floor.

The area is about 51,954 square feet

The project is sold in the form of a whole building and even a naming right. The intention price is about 1.3 billion yuan, equivalent to about 25,000 yuan, and can be sold in the form of shares.

The 25-storey building is designed with a ladder and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year

The basement to the 2nd floor is a restaurant, and the bottom of the building is about 4.725m to 5m. The 3rd to 28th floors are for commercial use. The 3rd, 26th and 27th floors have a special private platform. Above the 20th floor, you can look forward to the beautiful Victoria Harbour. The top 3 floors are higher than the bottom floor, reaching about 4.725 meters, and the space is full. At the same time, the underground and exterior walls have a number of eye-catching outdoor advertising locations, which can be widely publicized. Very attractive to tenants.

The owner is a listed company, Jinlun Tiandi. The group bought land at the beginning of last year with a capital of 840 million yuan.

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