Tin Fu Court Green Watch first created “Five Balls"

Tin Fu Court Green Watch first created “Five Balls"

The rigid demand for boarding has always supported the subsidy of housing prices. Tin Shui Wai Estate Tin Fu Court has just made the first unpaid land price “five-ball" transaction, with a price of $7692. It has not been reimbursed for the price of the property.

Zhongqi Real Estate Branch Manager Hu Qiwen said that the above-mentioned Tianfuyuan J Block Jufuge High-rise Room 1 has a usable area of ​​650 square meters. The original plan is 3 bedrooms. The original owner opened the price of 5.3 million yuan in April this year and was reduced to 5 million yesterday. Yuan did not replenish the land price, the price of the property was 7,692 yuan, and the property price and the price of the property were the same as the new land premium.

Guangming Court did not pay a price of 6.28 million new highs

The new buyer is a guest of Bai Ju, who is in the outer district. He has been in the district for several weeks. He has “walked at least a few plates before and after" until the past Saturday (6th). The market negotiated with the original owner, and finally reduced the price by 300,000 yuan (about 5.7%) after the next day.

In 2007, the original owner entered the market with an unimproved land price of 896,000 yuan, and the book value of the company increased by 4.14 million yuan (about 4.6 times) in about 12 years.

The price of Guangmingyuan, the home of Tseung Kwan O, has also risen. Wei Shiliang, manager of the 21st Century Tseung Kwan O Estate, revealed that the 8th floor of the E-story of Guangyinge has a practical area of ​​634 square meters, and the three-bedroom interval was released as early as June last year at 6.8 million yuan. In the past year, it has been reduced by 520,000 yuan (about 7.6%). It has just been sold at an unpaid land price of 6.28 million yuan. The price is 9905 yuan, and the property price has reached a new high. According to the original owner’s non-replacement price of RMB 1.32 million in 1998, the book profit was 4.96 million yuan (about 3.8 times).

Zhongyuan Top Ten Housing Estates Weekend Deal

In terms of private buildings, Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific region and president of the residential sector, said that the property market has rebounded sharply this month, driven by the easing of Sino-US trade war and the opportunity to cut interest rates in the second half of the year. The top ten housing estates in the survey recorded a total of 8 transactions in the past two days (6th to 7th), the same as the previous weekend.

There were three transactions in the top ten housing estates of the Midland Real Estate, which was about 57.1% less than the previous weekend.