To Kwa Wan Mu Factory Street Factory 21.45 million rent

To Kwa Wan Mu Factory Street Factory 21.45 million rent

Since the revitalization of the industrial building, the industrial buildings in the traditional industrial areas have been transformed one after another, which has made the supply of the factory more and more tight. The To Kwa Wan District, which is home to the automotive maintenance and beauty industry, has more than 10,000 land leases for rent and less than $20.

High-rise building at the bottom of the building

Li Wenguang, senior divisional business director of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce) Industrial and Commercial Department, said that the leased property is located at the ground floor of No. 15 Muchang Street, To Kwa Wan. The total area is about 11,000 square feet. The intention to rent is about 19.5 yuan, involving a total monthly rent of about 214,500 yuan. Has been paid. The former tenant of the factory operates brand car repair service. The space is very spacious. The floor is more than 13 inches high and the door is nearly 20 inches wide. It is suitable for crop flow or automobile display and maintenance. The concentration of the garages, which are commonly known as the “13th Street" in the area, has promoted the rental situation in the area under the synergy effect. It is not difficult to attract tenants to rent.

13th Street garage concentrated with synergy

Mr Lee continued to refer to the fact that the car showrooms and maintenance salons were the main tenants of the industrial estates. However, due to the continuous transformation of the industrial areas and the fact that there is only one floor factory in each building, the factory is even more rare. The 10,000-square-foot squatter is even more compact, and the “13th Street" residential group has more auto-related industries and has become a landmark in the district. However, the available shop area is only over 1,000 square feet. The factory can supply more than 10,000 square feet of floor space, highlighting its rareness. Moreover, the number of land factories that can operate the building and the car and related industries is even rarer, and the above-mentioned land-renting plants are more attractive in the theme area.

According to the information, the renting of the previous over 10,000 square foot factory in To Kwa Wan District dates back to the beginning of 2010. It is located at the ground floor of No. 92, Songhuangtai Road, with an area of ​​about 20,358 square feet. At that time, it was rented for about 11 yuan per square foot. The monthly rent is about 224,000 yuan. As for the rental and sale transactions in the district, it is not active. After all, there are not many units available for rent and sale. In recent years, the largest transaction was the whole building of No. 9 Muchang Street, which changed hands last year. It is a three-story industrial building with a total area. About 24,000 square feet, with a change of about 250 million yuan, the largest turnover in the region during the year.