Jin Chaoyang Shen Qiang shoots the Tongyun Building in Causeway Bay

Jin Chaoyang (878) acquired the Xiyun Building in Causeway Bay for many years

The latest breakthrough has been made. Recently, it has applied for strong development of unified title. At present, it has received over 80% of the title and the project valuation is over 1.57 billion yuan. According to the Lands Tribunal, the Xiyun Building, No. 134 Leighton Road, has a site area of about 13,150 square feet. At present, the relevant consortium has collected about 80.04% of the title. At present, there are still 25 units or shops that have not been acquired. Strongly filming the development of unified title, according to the document, the project is valued at approximately 157.84 million yuan.

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