The world’s top ten best cruise ships Star Dream Cruises Exclusively presented with the former British Royal Family Chef

The only Star Cruises in Asia that has been selected as the “World’s Top 10 Best Large Cruises" by the industry’s authoritative Belize Cruise Yearbook has been collecting the best of the world’s treasures, in order to bring passengers an extraordinary dining experience

Following the invitation of many Michelin-starred chefs to create a marine and nautical-themed dinner last year, this year’s upgrade was again made, and the British royal family chef Darren McGrady was invited to board the ship, which was the “World Dream" of Star Dream Cruises. Personally concocted a unique feast of the Royal Palace.

Former British Royal Chef, the first public event in Hong Kong

Former British royal family heavyweight chef Chef Darren McGrady has a long history. He served in the Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and the late Princess Diana and his family for 15 years in the royal family. Traveling to Windsor Castle, Sanderhan House, Batam Castle Resort and the Royal Yacht Britannia will also accompany the chef as a chef, and for the former US President Reagan and Ford at the Royal Outdoor Party Clinton, Bush and other political celebrities, the status is lofty, and the cooking is evident.

Chef Darren McGrady has been a writer, culinary consultant, event planner, and guest speaker since then. He has not opened any restaurants for many years. He only used private invitations to prepare exclusive food for guests. It is the first time for him. Hong Kong participates in public activities, so this feast is definitely a rare opportunity to taste the unique royal delicacies.

6 royal members favorite dishes

The “Star Dream Banquet – Palace Feast" will be presented to the British royal family’s favorite dishes. The menu includes 6 royal dishes, including the Buckingham Palace National Banquet “Grams Salmon", Princess Diana’s favorite appetizer “Tomato Valerian" Mousse and the main dish “Grilled Eggplant", and Chef Darren McGrady’s “British Bread Pudding", the smooth bread pudding with Shanghai salt caramel sauce, ice cream and blueberry honey syrup, all taste Together with the mouth, the ultimate impact on the taste buds, it is no wonder that even Princess Diana, who always pays attention to her body shape, can’t resist it. She also strongly recommends this dessert to her friends. Other aristocratic classics include the “Junsard Deer Meat Italian Rice", which is the favorite of Queen Elizabeth II. It also has a vegetarian menu to take care of the passengers.

Stay at the “The Palace Royal Palace" and enjoy the VIP level. When you book the “Star Dream Banquet" weekend “mail" tour, you will enjoy a premium price of $5,075 per boat (the average price of two people). Enjoy the top-class royal wine feast, and stay in the “The Palace Palace" suite of “World Dream" and enjoy the VIP exclusive area with the concept of “luxury boat in the boat". It is equipped with European butler service and offers a number of exclusive first-class exclusive services. Benefits, including priority boarding service, exclusive palace counter, free Wifi, free on-board speciality restaurant, free drinks package, etc. The cruise also features a variety of activities for the passengers, such as the traditional English Garden Afternoon Tea, Top Hat Workshop, Make Your Own Blend Bartending Workshop, and the British Band Classic Golden Night.

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