Four deals in the top ten housing estates

Buyers are still cautious about the market outlook, which has caused the top ten housing estates to fall back on the weekend

According to the estate agent data, the property was only recorded for sale on the two-day basis, which was reduced by 27% on a weekly basis. Among them, four of the estates had not been sold during the period.

Buyers are still cautious about the market outlook.

Jiahu three rooms sold 5.51 million

The Central Plains pointed out that the transactions recorded in the above two estates in the past two days were concentrated in the New Territories, accounting for a total of eight cases. Among them, Jiahu Mountain Villa recorded the most 5 cases. The bank said Chen Sili, the project Meihuju 4 low-rise D room three-bedroom households, the practical area of ​​544 square meters, with a change of 5.51 million yuan, the price of 10,129 yuan, the price and the price of both For this period, the recent new low. Another Jinghuju 9-seat 630-square-unit unit was resold for 6 million yuan, with a price of 9,524 yuan.

Another New Territories Indicator Estate, Sha Tin City One, also recorded two transactions

The project consisted of 44 low-rise G rooms and 38 low-rise C rooms. The saleable area was 305 square feet, each sold for about $5.03 million. The price was 16,492. yuan.

As for the urban housing estates, the capacity is weaker. Of the 7 indicator properties, only 3 cases are recorded. Room C, Block 28, Haiyi Peninsula, Ap Lei Chau, has a saleable area of ​​516 square feet. The original price was 9.1 million yuan. After the reduction of 750,000 yuan, it sold for 8.35 million yuan and the price was 16,182 yuan. The high-rise room C, No. 38, Lanxiu Road, Laiwujiao Meifu New Village, has a practical area of ​​678 square meters. In mid-July, the price was RMB 11.5 million, which was reduced to 9.5 million yuan, and the price was 14,012 yuan.

Due to unsatisfactory market conditions, the market has recently abandoned a number of cases. According to market sources, units in the Tai Po Centre were originally sold last month. It is understood that the relevant transaction has been blown up, and the owner is now selling the price once again.

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