Chen Maobo said that trade was under pressure and exports fell worse

The Financial Secretary, Mr. Chen Maobo, said that Sino-US trade friction has put pressure on Hong Kong’s trade

Although the cumulative export decline in the first seven months of this year was only 3.9 per cent, the decline in June and July was 9 per cent and At 5.7, the decline is deteriorating. The unemployment rate in the import and export trade and wholesale industries has also risen from the low of 1.9% at the beginning of the year to the latest 2.4%.

In the blog, Chen Maobo said that it is difficult for Hong Kong to control the changes in the external macro-environment. However, it can enhance the operational efficiency of the business, logistics and freight industries in Hong Kong through innovative technologies. For example, the “Hong Kong-Zhuhai Trade Convenience Electronic Platform" with the Mainland will use big data analysis. And artificial intelligence technology to improve the efficiency of trade declarations. He said that the multi-technology R&D center for logistics and supply chain has promoted more than 160 projects, some of which have been adopted by the public sector.

High-end logistics center operates in 2023

On the hardware side, Chen Maobo said that a high-end logistics center will be built in the cargo area of ​​the Hong Kong International Airport. It is expected to be put into operation in 2002. The authorities are also actively studying the reconstruction of the airport’s airmail center, and the airport’s third runway system project is fully expanding. .

The Airport Third Runway System Project is also being fully implemented. It is expected that the airport will handle more than 100 million passengers and 9 million metric tons of cargo per year after completion, meeting the needs of the next decade.

Chen Maobo said that all the above measures have improved Hong Kong’s efficiency in trade logistics, warehousing, transportation and customs clearance from different aspects

Even if we can’t solve the immediate challenges for us in an instant, as long as we continue to intensively and pragmatically improve and innovate, we will construct More efficient logistics and related systems will certainly provide more favorable conditions for the development of the industry now and in the future.

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