Trading registration fell 20% to 6 months low

The riots in Hong Kong have affected the trading atmosphere of the property market

The registration of building sales and purchase contracts in the previous month was only 5157, which was down by nearly 20%, which was a new low of 6 months. Some agents are more likely to register the second-hand residential sales and purchase contracts, and this month they have a chance to fall back to 2000 levels, which is the lowest this year.

The statistics of the Central Plains Property Research Department showed that there were 5,157 registrations (including residential, parking spaces and industrial and commercial properties) in the month, involving an amount of about $42.387 billion, which was a decrease of 19.2% as compared with about 6380 and 53.98 billion in July. 20.7%, both recorded a six-month low since February this year, and more than 10% compared with May’s more than 10,300 in May this year.

In addition, the statistics of the Midland Real Estate Data and Research Center showed that the number of second-hand residential registrations last month was only about 2,953

which was about 6.8% lower than that in July. It has been shed for four months. As the Sino-US trade war intensified last month and the violent conflict in Hong Kong became more and more fierce, the second-hand transactions continued to shrink. The chief analyst of the bank, Mr Lau Ka-fai, pointed out that the recorded volume of the 35 large housing estates in the past four weeks was only about 98. Compared with about 136 cases in the previous four weeks, it fell by about 27.9%. This shows that the overall market sentiment is quiet. He estimates that the registration of second-hand residential sales this month, which reflects the second-hand market conditions last month, may further decline to about 2,000 levels. Create a new low this year.

In addition, the latest statistics from the Estate Agents Authority show that as of the end of last month, the total number of real estate agent licensees fell by a month

ending three consecutive rises to 43,623, a decrease of 106 per month. Mainly the salesperson’s licenses decreased the most, with 110 fewer monthly orders, compared with 21,434 last month. As for real estate agent (personal) licenses, they rose for 4 months, compared with 18,340 last month, 9 monthly increases; real estate agents (companies) The licences fell by 5 per month to 3,849.

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