Tseung Kwan O trading boom

Tseung Kwan O’s trading volume is still prosperous

This month, 125 transactions were temporarily recorded. Among them, the Xinducheng 2 bedroom unit was sold at a price of more than 19,000 yuan, which is an ideal price.

Xinducheng 2 room price is 19,000

Liu Haoqin, director of the Hong Kong Property Assistant Division, pointed out that the B-room of the 8th floor of the 2nd phase of the Tseung Kwan O Metropolis has a usable area of ​​363 square feet. The unit sold for a price of 6.93 million yuan and the price was 19,091 yuan. Looking up the record, the above unit price is the second highest this year. The original owner entered the market with a price of 2.38 million yuan in 2010, and changed his hand for 9 years. The book profit was 4.55 million yuan, an appreciation of 1.9 times. This month, the new capital city temporarily recorded 5 transactions, which have been posted last month for 6 cases.

Tseung Kwan O Plaza for sale at $8.25 million

Secondly, the 2nd tenant of Tseung Kwan O Plaza was even rented out. Li Qine, the manager of Lijiage Real Estate Branch, pointed out that the high-rise Room C of the 3rd floor of the housing estate has a usable area of ​​451 square feet. The transaction price is 8.25 million yuan. The unit has a tenancy agreement and the price is 18,293 yuan. .

The original owner purchased the unit for 2.85 million yuan in 2010, with an appreciation of 5.4 million yuan, 1.9 times.

There are also buyers who buy it first, and the high-rise room B, No. 21, Broadway Street, Meifu New Village, Lai Chi Kok, has a saleable area of ​​601 square feet, with a price of $8.12 million and a price of $13,511. Yu Bo, the chief regional director of Hong Kong Real Estate West Kowloon Mei Foo, pointed out that the new buyer had to pay the above units with a total of $6.55 million.

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