Tsuen Wan Food Street Shop held for 5.5% of the five-year eclipse

Retail sales are weak, and the trading of shops is quiet. There are investors who have reduced their prices and let them leave

Even the people’s livelihood area is hard to escape. A snack shop in the ground floor of Shilin Food Street, Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan, sells nearly 30% of the price at $7.5 million, and nearly 10% of the cargo has been eclipsed for 5 years. The coffee shop in Causeway Bay has more eclipse prices. .

According to the news, the number of the ground floor of Shilin Food Street, No. 80-84, Yudi Square, Tsuen Wan, is about 180 square meters

The original owner is asking for a price of 10.5 million yuan. As social events continue to deteriorate, people’s livelihood consumption has also been hit hard. Departure, the sharp price of 28.6% was about 7.5 million yuan, equivalent to the price of about 41,600 yuan, calculated according to the purchase price of 8.2 million yuan in October 2014, the 5-year account surface erosion of about 700,000 yuan, the erosion rate of about 8.5 %.

It is understood that the above-mentioned shops are currently rented by the restaurant, with a monthly rent of 29,000 yuan. The rental period is until next April, and the rental return is about 4.6%

Secondly, the double shop on the ground floor of No. 3A, Yuxi Street, Causeway Bay is currently rented by a coffee shop. The area is about 400 square meters. The owner originally requested a price of about 18.5 million yuan. The previous reserve price has been lowered to 16.5 million yuan, but the market investment atmosphere is quiet. There is a test price of 14 million yuan. If the price is reduced by 24.3%, according to its purchase price of 18.3 million yuan in March 2012, the book fabric will be etched by 4.3 million yuan or more than 23%.

It is reported that the shop is currently rented by a Western-style coffee shop, with a monthly income of 36,000 yuan.

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