Tsuen Wan Industrial Building Explosives

A “mortar" unit in the factory building at 142 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, discovered explosives on the day before, including a batch of “Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP)"

The police have arrested three men, two Man is a member of the Hong Kong National Front.

The organization issued a statement acknowledging that the unit involved was used by the organization to display audio and promotional materials. It was unknown why there were explosives, and the arrested person had been assisted by a lawyer.

Do not rule out more people being arrested

Among the three arrested, a male member of the Hong Kong National Front, Lu (27 years old), was arrested in Tsuen Wan and Sheung Shui District. The man named Deng (25) was a member of the Hong Kong Independent Alliance and the other man was surnamed. Hou (25 years old), all three were suspected of possessing explosives without a license. Being detained for enquiries.

The police said that during the operation, a batch of TATP was found, and the explosives disposal personnel were present to destroy them

The total number was about 1 kilogram. The police stressed that the TATP was not purchased in the market and was made by itself.

In addition, the police seized 10 incendiary bombs, 3 drowning water, 1 can of electric oil, 3 sticks, 1 beef knife, some chemicals, a batch of masks and beakers. Police action is still in progress and does not rule out more people being arrested.

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