Tsuen Wan Love Hyun Mei temporarily 65 rentals leasing 5%

Sea Love, Ai Hyunmei, on the West Rail Tsuen Wan West Station, temporarily recorded about 65 rental transactions this month, stealing tenants from the Tsuen Wan West Station in the same district

The transaction volume increased after the resumption of housing in August. More than 60%, the practical rent is reversed by about 5%.

Now more than 260 rents 2 rooms supply the most

The love of the sea, which has been in the past month, has been popular. As most of the owners have already repossessed their rents, the rents and rental transactions have also been active. The number of transactions has increased from about 40 in August to about 65 in this month. The rent is about 37 yuan in August. It has been reduced by about 35 yuan since August. Among them, the most affordable housing is 2 rooms. The average monthly rent ranges from 18,000 yuan to 19,500 yuan. Fangwen Enterprise 20,000 yuan fell back, such as the newly-sold 2B low-rise A room, the practical area of ​​526 square feet, monthly rent of 18,000 yuan.

As for the three-bedroom rent ranging from 26,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, the recently rented 3A high-rise room D has a usable area of ​​820 square feet

It is a three-bedroom suite with storage compartments. The owner rented a rent of 32,500 yuan at the end of last month. Not a month to reduce rent by 14% to a few days ago to rent out 28,000 yuan, the lease is about 34 yuan, but the same type of unit Qi appliances, rent up to 40 yuan.

Huang Xiaoxia, senior divisional sales manager of Zhongyuan Haizhilian Branch, said that Haizhilian·Aixingmei currently has nearly 260 rents, of which 2 rooms have the most supply, rents are relatively under pressure, and low-rise households rent about 18,000 yuan per month. It can be rented for 20,000 yuan, and about 85 rental transactions have been temporarily recorded in the housing estates at Tsuen Wan West Station this month. Ai Hau Mei has nearly 80% of its transactions. Its trading volume has increased, which is related to new occupations and more sources. At the same time, the entrances and exits between the West Rail Tsuen Wan West Point and the estate have been commissioned. This has greatly enhanced the convenience of the estates and drove the rental transactions.

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