Tuen Mun fell for two months in two months

Tuen Mun fell for two months in two months

Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" is a bulk price of bulk cargo. The second-hand trading in the same area is bleak, which has caused some of the urgent shipping industry to sell at a high price. 1 million yuan. The news refers to the middle and low-rise F room of Block 7 in Tuen Mun. The practical area is 584 square meters, and the three rooms are separated. In September last year, the price was 11 million yuan. Until the price of this month was reduced to 9.5 million yuan, no one was interested. 2.1 million yuan, to 8.9 million yuan eventually changed hands, the price of 15,239 yuan, the price of a house in the three-month low.

Excluding the sales unit, the F room in Tuen Mun has recorded 3 transactions since July last year, with a price of 9.4 million to 10.7 million yuan. For example, a middle-floor F room with a usable area of ​​586 square meters, this May Selling 9.9 million yuan, that is, two months later, this time, the unit floor was sold for six floors, but it was sold for one million yuan.

Another single price in Tuen Mun is a 485 square unit of Haidianxuan, which is a high-rise room C. The price is 7 million yuan, and the price is reduced by 320,000 yuan to 6.68 million yuan. The price is 13,773 yuan.

The Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa has the title of “cemetery plate". The second-hand market has been eclipsed for a long time, and even one house has experienced “eclipse twice". According to the Land Registry, the number of houses in the Rhine Road, 1,606 square meters, was sold by Hengdi (012) in 2008 for RMB 178.87 million, but the owner of the buying unit sold in 2014 for RMB 16.8 million. The property price fell by 1 million yuan in six years. Until the beginning of this month, the house was resold, and the property price fell another 300,000 yuan to sell at a price of 10,273 yuan.

Xiangdao earned more than 2 million in 3 years

In Tung Chung, there are investors who have lost their pounds and smashed goods. They just took out a total area of ​​550 square meters and a two-bedroom household with a total area of ​​698 million yuan. They are 6 high-rise C rooms with a price of 12,690 yuan. The first-hand second-hand transaction was recorded in Xiangdao, Tsuen Wan. Two middle-floor A-bedrooms and three-bedroom households, with a saleable area of ​​882 square meters, changed hands with $19.1 million, and the price was 21,655 yuan. The original owner entered the market with a price of RMB 150.27 million in February 2017. The holding of the goods was less than 3 years. If the 10% SSD was deducted, the book still earned more than 2 million yuan.