Tuen Mun Siu Hei Court rented $10,000

Second-hand re-recorded market renting case, Cheung Yi Branch Manager, there is 24 rooms in the middle floor of Block A, Siu Wai Court, Tuen Mun

The area is 485 square feet. The two-bedroom design has a monthly rent of $10,000 and a rent of $20.6.

Huang Jingyan, the chief co-director of Lijiage, said that the low-rise Room B of the Venetian Garden in Sheung Shui, with an area of about 437 square feet, was separated by two tenants. The tenant was rented for 10,000 yuan and the rent was about 22.9 yuan.

Enjoying a rent of 35.1 yuan per ounce in the sea

Huang Jiale, the chief senior sales manager of Midland, said that Maanshan Yinghai has three high-rise rooms, Room D, with an area of about 797 square meters. It is a 3 bedroom suite with a view of the sea view. After the bargaining, it is rented out at 28,000, and the rent is about 35.1 yuan. The owner is at 12 The annual purchase was about 9.29 million, and the rental return rate was about 3.6%.

Xiang Yi Senior Regional Manager Huang Qingde said that the high-rise Room D of the 2nd Block of Qifeng Garden in Tuen Mun, with an area of 372 square feet, separated by two rooms, was rented by the local residents with a monthly rent of 10,800, and the rent was 29 yuan. It is reported that. The tenant is a guest in the area.

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