Tung Chung Investor Linkage

The social atmosphere has not eased, the property market is under pressure, and the owners are willing to pay a low price to earn a departure

The recent “price" of individual housing estates in Tung Chung has been evident. In the region, an investor who had held about 12 properties in the peak period just took out the last two groups. In the middle of the seawall, the price of the seawall is only 6 million yuan, a substantial low price of 20%, for the project’s 20-month low.

The large investment in Tung Chung continued to lose weight. In recent years, it has sold 12 properties in the district

Meilian Wu Huibin said that the two-bedroom F, two high-rise rooms on the bank of the seawall, had a saleable area of ​​521 square meters and the transaction price was 11,516 yuan.

The owner has taken out the high-rise Room F of the 3rd floor of the same housing estate in July. It is also a two-room interval with a saleable area of ​​541 square feet. The price is 7 million yuan and the price is 12,939 yuan, reflecting that the project price has been apparent in the past two months. Decline.

The east embankment is low for $10687

Another blue-sky coast unit that changed hands is high-quality goods and low-priced. The upper site is 5 high-rise H rooms. It was originally sold for 6.5 million yuan. The asking price has been 10% lower than the market price. Finally, it was reduced to 6.2 million yuan. Undertake, the same households have a new low this year, which is “two-bedroom households, one house price." Based on the unit’s 490 square meters, the price is 12,653 yuan.

Tung Chung District’s continuous low price and price transaction

Wu continued to claim that the above-mentioned heavy goods investors began to lose pounds two years ago, and the recent stock picks were obvious, indicating that they accepted low-priced sales. The social situation began to be unstable in June this year, when three groups were still on sale and all were sold.

It is understood that the units that were recently sold were bought in 2012–15, and the total book value after resale was about 5.07 million yuan. At the same time, the investor still holds about 4 Olympic Stations, Parkview Bay and Victoria Harbour Unit. It is also interested in selling.

In fact, Tung Chung’s recent cargo holdings are relatively weak, and Dong Tung Wan has just recorded low-selling cases. The United States pointed out that the 6-story low-rise Room A has a usable area of ​​772 square meters. At the beginning, the lease price was 9 million yuan for sale. Until the tenants were ready to move, the owners simply put the locks on the floor. Under the influence of unstable market conditions, the company received a substantial counter-offer, and finally reduced the price by RMB 750,000 to RMB 8.25 million. The price was RMB 10,687, and the price of the estate was 20 months.

The middle of the East Ring was reduced by 380,000

In addition, some units in the district have been reduced to 80% mortgage level. According to Zhang Shaoxun, the 7th floor of the 3A Block of Donghuan has a practical area of ​​463 square meters, which is a two-room interval. The original owner called the price of 6.38 million yuan. In the half year, after the price reduction of 380,000 yuan, the buyer bought it, and the price was 12,959 yuan. The purchase price of the site in January and May was about 4.846 million yuan, and the current appreciation was about 1.154 million yuan or about 23.8%.

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