Tung Chung second-hand single-day record 9 transactions

The second-hand property prices are getting more and more urgent, stimulating a significant increase in trading volume in some regions

The second-hand market in Tung Chung recently recorded 9 transactions in a single day. The two-bedroom homes in Yingwan Park were sold at a price of 6.538 million yuan, which was nearly 2% lower than the price of similar units.

The two-bedroom households in Yingwanyuan sold nearly two percent of the day

Yingwan Park two rooms reduced 760,000 hands

Zhongyuan Chen Xuming said that the F-room of the middle floor of Block 9 of Yingwan Park has a practical area of ​​565 square meters. At the end of August, it was sold for 7.3 million yuan. Since the similar units were sold for 6.66 million yuan, the original owner accepted the reality and would like to reduce the price by 762,000. Yuan shipped, the price of 11,572 yuan. This month, more than 20 transactions have been recorded in the district, focusing on two-bedroom units of 6 million to 7 million yuan.

15 orders have been opened in the first city month

The flat price of individual low-priced housing estates in August was also tempered by the drop in prices. Meilian Wengjie pointed out that the G room in the middle and lower floors of the 21st city of Shatian, the practical area of ​​327 square meters, opened the price of 5.85 million yuan in the middle of last month, and finally reduced the price to 5.6 million yuan change hands, the transaction price was 17,125 yuan, the same area unit price When the city was in Vaughan, it was promoted to “six goals." The market has recorded 15 transactions this month and has already tied the level of the whole month of August.

Another on-board indicator housing estate, Tin Shui Wai, Kingswood Villas, is also a good market. Wu Yaozu of the Central Plains said that the project temporarily recorded about 16 transactions in September, only three fewer than the previous month.

He also pointed out that the housing estate has recently recorded two-bedroom units, and two high-rise households in Jinghuju sold for 5.08 million yuan. The saleable area is 442 square meters, and the transaction price is about 11,493 yuan. Another 10 high-rise F room in Lihuju, belonging to the rare hand-locked key, sold for 5.1 million yuan and the transaction price was 11,538 yuan.

The Hong Kong Island blue-chip property transaction has also risen. The bank’s Zhuang Sujuan revealed that Taikoo City in Quarry Bay has recorded 4 transactions for the month. The third floor of the Qingshang Pavilion is a three-bedroom outdoor unit with a usable area of ​​922 square meters. Jing, resold with a lease of 18.5 million yuan, the transaction price is 20,065 yuan, the buyer is the user. The market pointed out that the original site was originally sold at a price of nearly 20 million yuan.

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