Daxie steadily turned to the “backward” drug stocks

Hong Kong stocks continued to do well, and the performance was not good or bad

The Hang Seng Index fell nearly 153 points yesterday, and fell to a maximum of 153 points. After seeing a low of 27,534 points, it recovered and lost ground. After that, it returned to the low position and held steady. It competed near 27,570 points. The market rose higher, up 212 points, and closed at 27,847 points. 158 points or 0.57%; the H-Share Index rose 0.69%. The market turnover was 77.8 billion yuan, which was similar to the 60-day average, and the market conditions were stable.

In terms of the market, according to the “Ming Pao” Hong Kong stock database, the rate of increase or decrease is 68 to 32, which is more than 3%, accounting for 10% of the increase; the candlestick is 66 to 34 for the black candle. The market is generally positive, buying is positive but power is not Be strong. In the past 5 days, more than 65% of the shares of the market have risen on the 4th. For the last time, on February 22 this year, the market conditions remained positive.

Xinyi keeps 20 yuan, the mid-line rises and ends

The 30 industries tracked by the newspaper database fell less than 20% and were soft, while gaming and leisure, and domestic housing fell about 0.3%, and performance was already the worst. The rising industry performed moderately, with more than 20% increasing by more than 1%, medical and health care rising by 2.4%, and 80% of the industry’s shares rising; secondly, raw materials, local retail services and household goods rose by about 1%.

Macau’s gaming revenue in October fell by 3% year-on-year, roughly in line with market expectations, driving gambling stocks to rise, but generally encountered resistance at high levels, and Sands China (1928) remained strong. In the trend, Sands China’s 42 yuan is expected to have greater resistance, and it is not easy to rise and break in one fell swoop. In the short-term, there is a chance to consolidate above 39 yuan to stabilize the momentum. In contrast, the mid-line outperformed the new industry (0200), the short-term signs of weakening, once fell below 20.5 yuan and 20 antennas, closing the market; however, the adjustment can still be regarded as the last month’s rise and fall After pumping, as long as the key of about 20 yuan is held, the mid-line is not finished.

As for the pharmaceutical stocks, Shijiazhuang (1093) and Kangzhe (0867) continued to lead the gains, hitting a 52-week high; Wuming Biological (2269)’s important support level of 85 yuan was recovered, and the trend was unchanged. In addition, individual pharmaceutical stocks bought positive yesterday. Luye Pharma (2186) and Fosun Pharma (2196) received high-yield and were matched with the transaction. Yesterday, the turnover was nearly twice as high as 60 days, and the green leaves showed an upward breakthrough. You can see the high line (see “Technology Winning” for details).

Green Leaf Pharmaceutical is breaking through, can catch up with stone medicine

In the first half of this year, the green leaf pharmaceutical industry is not inferior to the stone medicine. Until August, the stone medicine soared, and the green leaves could not keep up, and they were left behind and became “backward.” However, the green leaves have strengthened after the consolidation in recent months, and there has been a breakthrough. The market has the opportunity to catch up with the stone medicine.

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