Two rounds of confrontation in the New Territories

The market focused on the new battle in the New Territories, and the two markets confronted each other today and tomorrow

Tsing Yi Ming Qiaohui intercepted the ticket yesterday, collecting nearly 5,854 votes, 14 times in excess; today, Evergrande·Tsuen Wan has sold 225 people in the second round.

There are two sets of trading in the New Territories today and tomorrow. The Garmin Group (01271) Tsing Yi Ming Cheung Shui has intercepted the ticket yesterday. It is reported that about 5,854 votes will be collected. The project will sell 388 pairs tomorrow, of which 375 will be the price list. Formally sold, in order to calculate the oversubscription 14 times, and the same day pushed 13 groups of tenders. In addition, China Evergrande (03333) Evergrande and Tsuen Wan Phase 1 will launch 225 gangs in the second round today.

Love Haiyan sells 176 people on Saturday

In addition, Changsha (01113)’s Changsha Bay Aihaiyu has sold 198 pairs so far, and cashed in about 1.96 billion yuan. He Jianxin, assistant chief manager (business), said that 26% of the buyers sold the construction period. The plan is to launch a 2% “Construction Offer". If you choose this payment method, buyers can enjoy up to 20% discount, which is an increase of up to 1.5% over the previous period.

He said that Aihai has already pushed the price list No. 5, 88 people with a usable area of ​​474 to 487 square feet, pricing from 97.23 million to 12.471 million, and the price is from 20,513 to 25,767 yuan, which is 22% for the highest discount. The actual price is from 7.584 million to 9.727 million, and the discount price is 16,000 to 20,097 yuan. He refers to the fact that the subordinate is the original price plus the push, and the future push unit has room for price increases.

Liu Yuxin, assistant sales manager of Changshi, said that the price list No. 5 includes the first two F rooms and three C rooms, of which three C rooms are the two-bedroom units with the smallest area and a practical area of ​​474 square feet. The project will be sold in the third round this Saturday (November 2), involving 176 people.

Tsim Sha Tsui famous casting

The developer continued to actively sell the existing property surplus project. New World (00017) Tsim Sha Tsui famous cast the last group of the last group of duplex units, the G room on the 63rd and 65th floors, with an area of ​​1,974 square feet and a transaction price of 108.8 million yuan. At 55,117 yuan, there is only one group left for sale.

In addition, SHKP (00016) southwest Kowloon Hui Yi III successfully sold 4 large units yesterday, with a transaction price ranging from 29.3 million to 46.28 million yuan. As for Hong Kong Industrial (00480)’s Discovery Bay Yidi, 89 people were launched yesterday. The turnover register shows that one group has been sold.

In addition, Xinfang (00083)’s He Wentian Jia Daoli Road luxury new home, will be named today, providing 175 groups, the main unit.

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