Unpaid-price subsidized housing transactions 114 cases a year low Home Ownership against the city of Chit Wan Guan Hui Court made 12.6 million broken top

The negative factors in the property market are lingering, buyers are cautious in entering the market, and they are not filled with land premiums to subsidize housing transactions

According to the Housing Authority, only 114 unpaid land premium-funded homes were recorded in Hong Kong in September, a decrease of 9.5% (12 cases) compared with 126 cases in August. It was a new low of 65 after last year in 65 cases. However, some Kowloon “characteristic" HOS flats hit a high price in the market. He Wentian Guanhui Court did not sell an elevator to the floor unit with an unpaid land price of 5.3 million yuan. The price of 12,679 yuan was the highest price of the uncompleted land premium.

New home ownership to 5.3 million passengers on board

Zheng Guizhen, senior business manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the above-mentioned Guanhuiyuan unit is the fourth floor of Minghui Pavilion, Block A, with a practical area of ​​418 square meters. The original plan is open-plan, with a small amount of sea view. The original owner has a price of 5.5 million yuan. In the past few months, “a lot of buyers have been degraded because of the one-step walk (“), but a young man who lost his chance to win the new home in Kwan Tak Court this time is based on “I want to buy a home in the same district". After the owner negotiated a price of 200,000 yuan, he finally invested 5.3 million yuan to purchase the unit without replenishing the land price. The price was 12,679 yuan, which was the highest price of the uncompleted land premium. In 1999, the original owner entered the market with an unpaid land premium of 1,090,200 yuan, and the book profit was 4,290,800 yuan (about 4.3 times).

It is understood that the purchaser has visited other units in the estate earlier, including another flat in the same floor. However, due to the flat price of $6 million, it is impossible to pick up the above-mentioned flats. . At present, there are only about 8 unpaid land premiums in the whole estate, and large units are concentrated.

Lantian Kangyi Court has been celebrating the second consecutive month

In addition, the “worth" of the uncompleted land premium of the Lam Tin Home Owners Scheme is now $8 million. The cost is even more devastating. According to the information, a high-rise unit of Kang Yi Yuan, with a saleable area of ​​650 square feet, was sold at an unreplenished land price of 7.8 million yuan in September. The price was 12,000 yuan, regardless of the property price or the price of the house. In fact, in August this year, Hong Yi Court started to have a land premium unit with a turnover of up to 8.95 million yuan. The property price has broken the record of the land premium of the HOS flat; in other words, this time the estate has been sold for two consecutive months.

However, some subsidized housing prices continue to decline, such as the high-rise units of the public housing estate in Tuen Mun, the practical area of ​​544 square meters, in September, the unpaid land price of 2.7 million yuan changed hands, the price of 4963 yuan, the price of the village The unimproved land market was second low this year.

The price of the North Point Home Owners Healthy Village has lost more than $10,000. Shi Changda, the business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that the low-rise E room of the Kanghui Pavilion in the 3 villages has a usable area of ​​452 square meters. The original plan is 2 rooms. The original owner has only one day to sell for 4.5 million yuan, that is, the price is reduced to the unpaid land price. The sale of 4.35 million yuan, the price of 9624 yuan, the price of the home for the first time in at least two years fell below 10,000 yuan.

It is known that the original owner entered the market with an unpaid land price of 1,242,300 yuan in 1993. At least five loan records were held during the period of holding the goods. One of the loans was in October 2017, and the loan was up to 2.6 million yuan from the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited; This time, the holdings of the goods were held, and the book value rose by 3.1017 million yuan (about 2.5 times) in about 26 years.

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