Sino-US trade talks about changes in the stock market

Some foreign media quoted US White House officials as saying that during the Chilean Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit next month, China and the United States may not sign the first-stage trade agreement, but stressed that it does not mean the breakdown of negotiations

However, US President Trump earlier asked China to purchase a large amount of US agricultural products. It has been rejected by the Chinese side, which is a major factor leading to the stalemate in the trade talks. Hong Kong stocks were frustrated yesterday at the end of the period, falling more than 100 points.

The Hang Seng Index opened 19 points lower yesterday and rebounded 22 points in the early session

It has seen a full-day high of 26,809 points. Under the drag of a number of oil stocks, Hong Kong stocks were weaker throughout the day, and the decline was extended to the end of the market, with a maximum of 183 points, closing at 26,667 points, down 119 points or 0.4%, with a turnover of 75.28 billion yuan.

“Three barrels of oil" fell, PetroChina (857) third quarter net profit fell 58.4% year-on-year, the stock fell nearly 2%, reported 4.01 yuan, the worst performing blue chip; CNOOC (883) and Sinopec (386) fell 1.7 % and 1.5%, reported 11.88 yuan and 4.6 yuan

Chinese financial stocks were also under pressure. CCB (939) fell 1.3% to 6.23 yuan; Ping An (2318) fell nearly 1% to 90.5 yuan; Bank of Communications (3328) was soft 0.9% to 5.31 yuan; Bank of China (3988) ) fell 0.6%.

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