Vice President of Evergrande 156 million purchased Bai Aoshan Duplex

Vice President of Evergrande 156 million purchased Bai Aoshan Duplex

The Land Registry indicated that a former duplex unit in Pok Oi Shan in North Point was sold for 156 million yuan. The buyer and the same name of Xia Haijun, vice chairman and chief executive officer of China Evergrande (03333), believe that they are the same person. Another market was sold at $300 million for the Yakushi Road House in Kowloon Tong.

Area 2835呎 about 55,026 yuan呎

Bai Aoshan of New World (00017) sold six Duplex A rooms on the 32nd and 33rd floors, with a transaction price of 156 million yuan and a usable area of ​​2,835 square feet. The registered buyer is Xia Hai Jun, trading and With 3 parking spaces, the practical price is 55,026 yuan. This time, Xia Haijun entered the market in the name of the first place, and there is no need to pay hot tax. The stamp duty involves 6.63 million yuan (4.25% of the property price).

CITIC Tai Fu Rong bought the Repulse Bay Mansion

Recently, the property market has continued to record many celebrities entering the market, reflecting that despite the news of Sino-US trade wars, many people still have confidence in the market outlook. For example, Rongxin, a member of the CITIC Pacific Rong family, purchased Repulse Bay for $113 million. The high-rise duplex of the Baohua Building in the mansion. Tang Wenliang, Chief Executive Officer of Jihui Group, also bought the middle-level unit of 11 Yangtan Villa in Taitan for 69.5 million yuan.

In addition, according to market news, No. 14 Yasushiro Road, Kowloon Tong changed hands with the company’s equity transfer method, with a price of 400 million yuan, a site area of ​​10,925 square feet, a plot ratio of 0.6 times, and a floor space of 6,555 square feet per square foot. The land price is about 61,000 yuan.