Victoria Harbour 13.69 million two years of increase to zero second-hand housing prices “back in time" New Territories

The overall residential property market was hit hard by the month

Although it has not yet evaporated this year’s increase, some second-hand private housing estates underperformed the market and there was a clear “falling" situation

In the first 19 days of this month alone, the newspaper reported that at least about 41 second-hand housing prices have returned to the level of a year ago. Of these, 13 housing estates are even worse, falling back to the past two years or before, meaning at least two years in the past. The increase was almost completely evaporated. Among them, Victoria Harbour, Tai Kok Tsui, one of the “Olympic Sambo", a sea-view unit has just changed hands with $13.68 million. The cost is actually less than 1% of the sale of the downstairs unit about two years ago.

Repeated low prices in September, all over the car to the mansion

The above-mentioned statistics on the 41 property prices of “Time Back" are in the car market and even in the luxury housing estates. The total size of the silver code is less than $4 million to the most expensive $29.8 million, of which 23 (about 56.1%) are the most in the New Territories. And the disaster is the most serious, because as many as seven housing estates cost the price to two years or before. At the beginning of this month, a three-story high-rise E-room two-bedroom household, with a saleable area of ​​495 square meters, and a total of 1.4 million yuan (about 17.5%), changed hands with 6.6 million yuan, and the transaction price was low. See 13333 yuan, compared with the lower-floor two-bedroom households in the lower floors of the same period in October 2016, the transaction price was 13,410 yuan, still selling about 0.6%, meaning that the original owners failed to enjoy the results of the past two years of property price appreciation.

In addition, the prices of 12 and 6 housing estates in Hong Kong and Kowloon have been regressed to a one-year or earlier level in September. The cost or price of the six estates has even fallen back to the level of the past two years or earlier. A unit in Victoria Harbour in Tai Kok Tsui yesterday was sold at a low price in the surrounding area. According to Li Zhenjie, manager of the 21st Century Branch of Century 21, there are 3 high-rise rooms in the Victoria Harbour, 3 rooms, with a practical area of ​​697 square meters. The seat is southwest, with a small amount of sea view. It was sold at 13.68 million yuan yesterday, and the price was 19,627 yuan. It is located in the lower two floors of the same room. In November 2017, it changed hands with 13.55 million yuan. This two-storey unit sold only 130,000 yuan (about 0.96%) in almost two years, reflecting that the latest cost has fallen sharply to near. Level two years ago. According to the original owner’s 2000 market entry price of 4.836 million yuan, the book profit of 8.844 million yuan (about 1.8 times) left.

Agent: Return to the level of “minimum consumption" at the beginning of this year

In fact, since entering September, the property market has not yet shaken off the unfavorable factors of political and economic factors. Property prices cannot be stopped. Some housing estates have even lost important psychological barriers. For example, the North Point Port Yuncheng and the North Point Mid-Levels Mount Po Ma Shan Garden have all lost their previous 10 million mark. The property prices have been the first time in many years since the establishment of their respective estates for more than two years and three and a half years. Existing opportunities to build a 60% mortgage transaction.

As for the New Territories, there are two flats in Block B, Block 3, Kai Tak Garden, Tuen Mun. The saleable area is 325 square feet. This month, the amount of $4 million changed hands. Compared with the same room in June last year, the cost of the same room was more than one year ago. The low price is $400,000 (about 9.1%). The property price is also the first time that the estate has returned to the 90% mortgage level after January this year.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, pointed out that the property market has fallen in recent months, and many housing estates have returned to the level of “the lowest consumption” at the beginning of this year, and some have even returned to two years or even before. He believes that some of the owners are affected by economic factors to cash out, or they have to change their flats earlier and are eager to sell their flats during the tax refund period. Therefore, the price reduction is “simple". However, the current price hikes are still a minority. Whether it will increase depends mainly on the Sino-US trade war and the development of the local social situation.

The property market has gone downhill, and some of the luxury houses that have been underperforming the market have been more eroded. According to the Land Registry, the third floor of Room A of the High-rise, Mid-Levels West, has a usable area of ​​1,292 square meters. It was sold for 47 million yuan last month, with a price of 36,378 yuan. In November 2016, the original owner surrendered 49 million yuan to the deputy CPPCC Vice Chairman Huo Yingdong’s son Huo Wenxun to take over the unit, meaning that the unpaid house price of 10% additional stamp duty (SSD), the book has lost 2 million yuan (about 4.1%) .

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