The Association’s Anderson Road Building Wang Yan was completed in 2025

some of the private property land was allocated to the Housing Society for subsidised sale of flats

Among them, the “Da Wang" project of Anderson Road, which enjoys the fireworks and seascapes of the Victoria Harbour, was first admitted to the Housing Society for a delay of one year before 2025. Completed.

According to the HS, the site is a “cooked land" and can be built immediately, involving 1,400 people. However, the project is still in the process of applying for land grants, and it is expected that the authorities will submit the development to the HS next year. Some members of the Legislative Council expressed disappointment and dismissed the progress of the “turtle speed" and urged the government to tackle the “land shortage" problem in the urban area.

At the end of June last year, Mr Lam announced that nine Kai Tak and Anderson Road private flats were converted into public housing uses. Eight of them were built to subsidize the sale of flats. The remaining Kai Tak site will be developed for private housing estates. The Government and later announced that the Housing Society and the Housing Authority had divided nine plots of land. Among them, the Housing Society was responsible for the development of five sites involving about 6,630 people.

The newspaper disclosed earlier that the Housing Authority has sold all the urban residential flats completed in the next two years. Among the uncompleted HOS flats, all projects are located in the New Territories. The only urban area is the Diamond Mountain project completed in 2022/23 and may not be sold next year. This means that the nine plots of the “Six Treasures" are the short-term and medium-term main sources of supply for the sale of housing in the urban areas. According to the estimates of the Housing Society and the Housing Authority at the beginning of this year, the projects will be completed in phases from 2024 to 26 years.

The fastest material is expected to be sold in 2022/23

However, the management of the HS disclosed yesterday that the R2-2 land project of Anderson Road, which was the first development in the above-mentioned land and can enjoy the fireworks and seascapes of Victoria Harbour, will not be completed until 2025. If the maximum pre-sale of the three-year pre-completed flats is estimated by the HS, the project will be expected to be sold in the fastest 2022/23.

Chen Qinxi, deputy chief executive of the HS, said that after consulting the district, the HS decided to add retail and social welfare facilities. It is planning research and will hire architects to design a blueprint for development. The Director of the Association (Property Development and Market Affairs), Mrs Yeung, said that if the Government handed over the land to the HS next year, the site should be “recipe" and the building could be started immediately.

Legislative Council Member Ke Chuangsheng said that he expressed disappointment with the latest announcement of the HS and criticized the progress of the government’s approval of the “Turtle Speed", indicating that it is difficult to solve the shortage of urban housing supply in the short term. He suggested that the Government expedite the process, recover the progress and consider converting some of the URA projects into HOS flats to alleviate the problem of “land shortage" in the urban areas.

Pre-sale of pre-sales is extended to 5 years

A member of the Housing Authority, Mr Kwok Kwok-wai, suggested that for the provision of faults in urban housing, the pre-sale flats could be extended to five years. It was described as a compromise method that would allow residents who wish to buy their own homes to feel at ease.

In addition, the Kai Tak 1E-1 site developed by the Housing Society has been finalized. About 1,000 people will be reserved for the Housing Society to redevelop the Man Kam Mei Estate and rehouse the residents. The remaining 1,050 flats will be reserved for the Development Bureau for “Special Rehousing Estates". In the future, residents who are affected by the land resumption of the new town will be resettled.

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