West Kowloon High-speed Railway Station tenders add to the worry Kai Tak Commercial Land

The Lands Department announced that the site price of No. 4 in Area 4C, Kai Tak, Kowloon, was not included in the government’s reserve price because of the land price of the five tenders

When the land was first tendered in May this year, Gao Yin Finance (530) won about 11.1 billion yuan. However, in June, Gao Yin made a reservation for social contradictions and economic instability, and confiscated a deposit of 25 million yuan. The analysis refers to the reflow indicator reflecting the gap between the government and the developer’s estimate, and the government’s estimate should be more “posted to the market" to reduce the risk of commercial land flow of the West Kowloon High-speed Railway Station, which has been invested more since last Friday.

The Kai Tak Commercial Site, which re-launched the market, won a total of 5 developers, including Cheung Kong Holdings (1113), Sun Hung Kai Properties (016), Sino Land (083), Eagle Group (041) and Chinese Home (127). ). Earlier, before the Lands Department pushed back the land, it first changed the deposit to double the amount to 50 million yuan, and had to pay 10% of the winning bid within 7 days to prevent further booking.

Lin Haowen, Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Counseling at Knight Frank, said that it is believed that most developers still have confidence in Hong Kong. Only recent social events and economic conditions have made the bids conservative and factored into the cash flow and occupancy rate of commercial sites. For the high-speed railway station, he said that the current land flow standard reflects that there is a certain gap between the calculation of the government and the calculation of the developer. If the land is also a target, the Government needs to review the existing mechanism. Knight Frank estimates that the high-speed rail station is estimated to be 63.3 billion to 88.6 billion yuan. It is expected that 3 to 5 strong developers will enter the bid. As the land is a large-scale developer, it is expected that large-scale Chinese capital will also enter the bid.

Huangzhukeng residential land premium 6.7 billion price has always been the most expensive

Commercial market bids are conservative, but residential conditions are the opposite. The fourth phase of MTR (066) Wong Chuk Hang started tendering yesterday. The market demand for land premium was 6.758 billion yuan. The most expensive of each party was about 10,587 yuan. The project had received 38 letters of intent before the project.

Zhang Jingda, executive director of Zhongyuan Surveyors, said that the project can build two properties and provide no more than 800 units. Although the land premium has reached a new high, it does not reflect the correction of property prices. The developer bids or prudently, and the land price is 9.57 billion. To 10.21 billion yuan, there is a chance to become a king of 10 billion yuan, each side of the floor of 15,000 to 16,000 yuan.

New World’s basic profit increased by 30%

New World Development (017) The net profit for the year ended June was 18.16 billion yuan, down 22.2%, and the final dividend was 0.37 yuan per share, up 8.8%. As for the basic profit of 8.81 billion yuan, more than 10%. As of the end of August this year, the unoccupied sales of Hong Kong property development accounted for 11.23 billion yuan in sales revenue. It is expected that revenue will be 4.04 billion yuan in fiscal year 2020 and 6.046 billion yuan in 2021. As of the 15th of this month, the Group has a total of 365 residential units for sale. In 2020, the key Tai Wai Station residential projects will be launched. More than 3,000 residential units will be launched in phases. The office building in Cheung Shun Street, West Kowloon will also be launched next year.

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