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After the policy address was relaxed, the second-hand housing estates were significantly reactivated

The transaction volume of the medium- and small-price housing estates increased. The market recorded counter-price and closure cases. Two-bedroom households in Fanling, Qingshan, sold 200,000 yuan after the policy report.

Yesterday, the volume of transactions in multiple districts soared, sweeping the second-hand hurricane in the first half of the month. According to the information on the front-line real estate agency, the 90% ceiling on the mortgage price has been relaxed to $8 million. The performance of the medium and low-priced housing estates has improved significantly. The two-day transaction was recorded in Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villas. Yuen Long District, Sheung Wan Fan Ling, etc. In the concentrated housing estates, 7 and 8 transactions were recorded in the past two days. The atmosphere of second-hand flats improved at the same time.

Amoy Garden 2 days recorded 3 deals

As regards the selling price, the frontline agents pointed out that although many owners have taken advantage of the counter-price, they are only looking for a few cases. For example, Ngau Tau Kok Estate has recorded three transactions in two days. Two of them were on-site anti-price cases.

Bao Yunzhong, co-director of Lijiage Amanda Branch, said that the prospective buyers are now eager to enter the market, hoping that the owners have not increased their prices before the purchase. Among them, the 7th floor of Block I of Amoy Gardens, practical 378 square feet, 2 rooms separated, Wang Neiyuan, the owner released for about 3 weeks, the original asking price is 6 million yuan, the government announced that the number of mortgages increased, the owner raised the price to 6.15 million Out, an increase of 2.5%.

Secondly, Lan Haoran, co-director of the Central Plains Real Estate Fanling District, revealed that the decision of second-hand buyers to enter the market was significantly faster than that at the beginning of the month, mainly because they did not have to worry about the number of mortgages, and some even went through the market. For example, there are 11 low-rise D rooms in the Dawning Room, with a practical area of ​​381 square feet, which belongs to the 2 room interval. The original owner called the price of 5.2 million yuan, and the price was sold to 5.25 million yuan yesterday. Mr. Lan also pointed out that the two-bedroom unit with the same floor of the 12th floor of the housing estate changed hands only by 5.05 million yuan. The difference between the two was pushed up by 200,000 yuan on the 1st, reflecting the improvement of buyer confidence.

Taikoo City’s 7-day construction price rose 1.55 million

Ye Wenhao, manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate Branch, revealed that the high-rise room A of the 3rd seat of Xianglong Bay in To Kwa Wan has a usable area of ​​367 square feet. The original price was 6.6 million yuan. The counter price was 150,000 yuan yesterday, and the buyer changed hands to 6.75 million yuan. It can speed up the market by 90% mortgage.

In addition, Room C, Middle Floor, Tang Palace Court, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, has a saleable area of ​​583 square feet. The original price was $12.5 million. After the bargaining, it was changed to 11.38 million yuan. In fact, a low-rise C room in the same housing estate changed hands by 9.83 million yuan in one week, which was a rise of 1.55 million yuan in 7 days.

In addition to the anti-price release, the owners of the fine-priced building even temporarily closed the market and waited for further recovery of the property price. For example, the red dragonfly around the sea. The middle floor L room of Block 1A on the east bank has a usable area of ​​194 square feet. It is an open space. The price of the plate is 4.35 million yuan. There was originally a bargaining space of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. The owner decided to close the plate yesterday.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential department of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that the atmosphere of the second-hand property market has improved significantly in the past two days, especially the fine-priced housing estate between 4 million and 8 million yuan has the strongest response; the chief executive of Midland Real Estate Bu Shaoming expected The relaxation of the mortgage number will help the boarding passengers to enter the market. I believe that the overall second-hand trading this month can exceed 3,000 levels. However, the social disputes have not been resolved. The price of the flat price market will rise by 2% to 3%.

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