Will be 21 in the second half of the transaction

The second-line housing market also surged

The Tseung Kwan O Centre recorded 21 transactions in October. The average practical price was $16,300, of which 17 were changed hands after the policy address was published. The latest two-bedroom households changed their price at 7.58 million. yuan.

High-rise 2 rooms, 7.58 million baht, price 17346

Market participants pointed out that there were 21 transactions in the Tseung Kwan O Centre, with 2 rooms accounting for 80%. The latest transaction was 7 high-rise G rooms, with a saleable area of ​​437 square feet, with a total of 7.5 million, and an average practical price of 17,346 yuan. The original owner purchased it for 2.22 million yuan in 2009, and the book profit was 5.36 million yuan.

In addition, market participants pointed out that the low-rise Room B of the 2nd floor of Huanyu Bay in Liwan Bay has a usable area of ​​750 square feet, 3 houses, and the price is 10.85 million yuan

The average practical price is 14,467 yuan. The original owner sold 6.94 million yuan in 2014. The annual book profit was 3.91 million yuan, and the unit appreciated 56%. The high-rise room C of the Bayview Plaza in the same district has a practical area of ​​643 square feet. The room is separated by 3 yuan. The average practical price is 15,552 yuan.

In addition, the Tsing Yi Ying Tsui Peninsula recorded three transactions in one day, and two were converted to nets, involving silver codes of 11.05 million and $14.15 million respectively. He Yongfang, the senior regional business director of Midland, pointed out that the 6th floor of Room B of Yingcui Peninsula has a practical area of ​​756 square feet and a set of 3 rooms. Looking southeast to the sea, it will be sold for 14.15 million yuan. The unit will be 15 million yuan in mid-August. The market was reduced by 850,000 yuan, with a decrease of 6%. The average practical price was 18,717 yuan. The original owner bought it for 3.970 million yuan in 1999. The 20-year book held a profit of 110.23 million yuan. Louke.

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