The subsidized housing won the big money against the market

The water in Dongshui was doubled. Jingtaiyuan earned 1.4 million in the first phase

Despite the breeze in the property market, the subsidized housing has made a big profit against the market. The first green house in Hong Kong, and the Xinpugang Jingtai Court, which was sold at a discount of 60% of the market price two years ago, recorded the first second-hand transaction in 2 years. Some owners just sold 1 room unit for 3.48 million yuan. 1 times, the seller entered the market for only about 100,000 yuan in the first phase, and the leverage was 10 times. Even if he paid the spicy tax, he still made more than 1.4 million yuan to leave. The Yu Tung Court in Tung Chung and the Tai Ping Estate in Sheung Shui, which are both subvented housing estates, have also made a lot of profits. Ta Kung Pao reporter Lin Huifang

It was described by netizens as a green house in the middle of the six-color lottery. The first second-hand transaction in Hong Kong was a big profit.

Jingtaiyuan Green Table 3.48 million

Lin Weixiong, co-director of 21st Century Toyama Real Estate, said that the 12th floor of the middle floor of Jingtaiyuan, San Po Kong, is a practical 293 square plaque. It is divided into 1 bedroom and 2 halls. It faces southeast and looks open. The original owner released the plate 3 weeks ago. The land price is 3.6 million yuan, reduced to 3.48 million yuan, and the actual price is 11,877 yuan. It is understood that the original owner purchased in 2017 for 1.681 million yuan, holding more than 2 years, the property price rose 1.799 million or 1.07 times.

It is reported that the 10% additional stamp duty (SSD) generated by the exchange, involving 348,000 yuan, is borne by the seller. Even after deducting the relevant spicy tax, the book still earns 1.451 million yuan or 86%. As the seller entered the market on the same day, the bank provided a mortgage of 157.493 million yuan, that is, the first phase was only about 100,000 yuan. So far, the company has made more than 1.4 million yuan.

The agent said that there are only about 2 second-hand listings in Jingtaiyuan, including the low-rise 01 room and the practical 485 square. The owner bought it for 2.55 million yuan two years ago. The price increase is 1.2 times to 5.68 million yuan, and the intention price is 11711 yuan. With reference to the private buildings in the same district, such as the adjacent Yugang Bay, the second-hand property price of more than 400 similar units is more than 9 million yuan, and the price is 20,000 yuan. The second-hand price of Jingtaiyuan Green Table is flatter than the private market. I believe it can attract green watches. Home purchase.

In fact, the subsidized houses are dominated by users, and the second-hand listings are rare. The green watch customers are good at buying their hearts. They are still willing to chase after the market, and bring the owners to make a big profit. Lin Yibin, senior divisional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that there is room 05 in the upper floor of Block A of Yudong Court in Dongyong. The utility model is 530 square meters, and the room is 2 rooms. The green table is priced at 5.05 million yuan. Although it is lowered by 5% to 4.8 million yuan, it still reaches 9057 yuan is the new height of the housing estate green table.

It is understood that the new buyer is the first customer in the outer zone, belonging to the Yiyu Dongyuan 3 room, but the market has no suitable release, only the fine unit. The original owner bought it in 1997 with about 790,000 yuan, earning a profit of 4.01 million yuan or 5.1 times.

Room 13 of the upper level of Pingzhi Building, Taiping Village, Sheung Shui, 428 sq. ft., earlier with a land price of 3.78 million yuan, but the owner ordered, the news said that it was resold to Green Watch for 2 million yuan, and the price was 4673 yuan. The low market price is 10%, but the original owner purchased only 425,000 yuan in 2011, and the public housing price has increased by 3.7 times in 8 years.

Qinghuayuan Real Estate 13462 yuan broken top

Zhongyue Real Estate Regional Sales Manager Liang Yuehong said that there is Room 05 in the high-rise building of Block B of Qinghuayuan, Tsing Yi. It is practical for 338 square meters. It will change hands with land prices of 4.55 million yuan, and it will be 13462 yuan. It will break the record of 13248 yuan per ounce in April this year. The housing price has a new record.

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